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  • lol, I like earth song......It doesnt really matter which is number one to me (but i reeeally thought the #1 would be from thriller or OTW) long as they are all MJ songs!!! lol
    lol, I though Billie Jean was #3 or! I thought that it would be #1!!!!!
    hey, merry xmas !! :)
    had a nice day, cooked lunch, opened gifts and watched movies all day, nice lazy one
    hope you had a lovely one too
    enjoy the holidays x
    Ahhh glad I could help!

    I'm not bad thanks and youself?

    yeah I can't wait! Only 5 more days :D

    i'm listening to some MJ instrumentals on youtube and theyre soooo good :D
    I'm from Leeds, btw I met Michael in hethrow london 2006 and I asked him what Shamone means and he said that it was actually Come On.
    yeah i love those 2 tracks so much, OTW is one of my fav albums, am glad you like !!
    what did u think of vince? am counting down the days for some new material, but who knows when that will be........!
    I'm sorry, you'd have to take this to the person who put you on Mod Que, I'm sore they've PM'd you about it. Sorry.
    Oh well, you deserved it. When will it end? Or will it last until mods see a significant change in your behaviour? lol
    I live in Poland at the moment.
    Hey, Noooo LOL! I just live here... always have.
    Way past the Uni age.. I'm an oldie JK :p but I aint young.'d love to, but i think it was deleted for a reason...sry..i can'
    hi sofie, no im not at college but am thinkin to go next yr.
    well its nice to know others on here are neighbours too, let me know if there is anything from mj that u dont have and wud like, if u have it i can copy for u.... :)
    how long u been a fan...?
    cheers, gary
    Bristol is ok, iv lived here all my life so i guess im used to it lol :p iv been a fan since i can remember lol i cant remember when i became a fan or why, i was too young to remember :S Oh im at college... are you at uni??
    hi shamonee, yes i live in brighton, but am from ireland... been here 3 yrs now. i check on this website every few days hoping there will be news of a new album lol... :) i live near the 7 dials area. how bout u? cheers, s
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