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  • Hi Sharlene, haven't seen you here in a while, how are you?
    If you don't recognise me, my previous username was SCREAM :)
    :wild: Hello hun!!! So nice to see you!!! I'm ok... you know... ups and downs... working and sleeping very little... but can't complain! How about you? I remember you told me you had moved... and Internet probs! I hope everything's ok and you are doing great!!!

    Big :hug: for ya! Take care!!!

    Happy birthday sweetie! :cheers: Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it! My best wishes! :hug:

    Hi sweetie! Are you ok? Missed you :hug:

    For me it's time to go to bed (3:15 am :blink:) but I'm glad to see you!
    Thanks for writing! :hug: I hope everything's fine! You are missed here! :friends:
    Happy New Year :cheers: Have fun tonight my dear! :huggy:
    :party: :dance: :dancin:
    Dizzy dizzy dizzy night! :lol:

    See you in 2011 :wild: :cheers:

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Love, Peace and Joy.

    How are you doing hun? :better: Hope you are feeling a little bit better! Miss you! :hug:
    Ok, take care and cheer up! If any time you should need to talk or need anything, you know I'm here :friends:

    :hug: Miss you!
    What a nice thing to say!:) Maybe you have something to do with it?!:D

    P.S. I am glad I am your friend too!:D

    P.S.S. I am glad you are my friend.:)
    That's very good, to have a job where you are doing something for other people :)
    When I was younger, i wanted to be the more common something, like working in a hospital or be a vet.
    But over the last few years my interests have changed, and so I thought let's do this.

    How is the studying going?
    Hi :huggy:.

    I'm fine, looking forward for the new Michael song, can't wait until the morning (it will be 7 am here) :woohoo:.
    Aww, so many amazing news, waiting for the album impatiently :D.
    That is interesting! So you want to be a dentist? :)
    I study Communication and Media. I'd like to work behind the scenes at movie sets or tv, that kind of stuff. I just started my first year, so I still have a long while to go :giggle:
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