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  • I read on the internet that Janet's show got good reviews based on the New York Radio City Music Hall show.
    Hi sharon007...
    Did you ever live in Serbia?Becouse,some girl there have the same collection as you,the same room..
    You have your PM box disabled so I can't send you a message. Anyway, I am not interested in buying VHS tapes. I am getting rid of mine already and transfer all my videos to DVD discs. I had hoped you would be interested in swaping DVD'S. I really don't need more tapes in my home, LOL.
    Yes I do remember you :) and how have you been keeping? With regard to videos I am auctually selling my VCR Collection now so if you still have my video list I am selling all my stuff of that list. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in. Send me a PM and we can discuss other detials that way like address and price for videos etc.

    I am looking for Sharon007 from MJNO. I hope it's you, if not, I am sorry for bothering you. My name is Renata and around 2 years ago we used to exchange our video lists with MJ in order to swap. I used to live in Poland then, but since I moved abroad I lost my contacts with some people, and now I've just found your video list in my old computer files. Please let me know if you are the right person. Thank you.
    hello, sharon :)

    yes, I am feeling much better :D no fever, and no sneezing anymore :) just a little cough :)
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