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  • I got a new dog today, out of the blue my dad just brought him home, heres a pic :D
    Yeah, I'm loving it, I'm 16 this year; I can't believe how fast high school has gone, I can still remember my first day :p
    Thanks I'm pleased with them, did you do any GCSE's last year? if so how did you do? :D
    I did okay thanks. I got A's in the 2 maths papers. an A in RE, B's in the 3 sciences but a few marks from A's in each so im thinking of resitting them and a B in English which I'm happy with :)
    I think I've done ok, but if I haven't I can always resit them this year, but to be honest I don't really want to resit them, I'de rather forcus on this years GCSE's
    no problem, I'm doing fine thanks. I can't believe the holidays have gone this fast. results day is on the 24th for me, how about you ?
    Just got back today from my aunt's to be honest I wish I was back there. I'm sure your family can't be too bad :lol:, well anyway I hope you have fun there :)
    I'm still here now, having a great time. I'm seeing my aunty and my cousins. Hope your holidays are going well :)
    Its on the mend :) On my way to Yorkshire today to see the family, 1 week before all my friends break up :lol:
    Yeah I had a blast, I wasn't sick but the person next to me was :puke, just got back from my duke of Edinburgh practice expedition, 15 miles of walking in a day and a half, hell !!! :lol: I enjoyed it though :D
    That sounds cool, hope you have a great time :D
    My schools going to France, but I chose not to go, I get really travel sick and they are going by coach to London, I know I'd :puke: if I was in a coach for all that time :lol:. But I've got Lightwater Valley trip this wednesday :woohoo:
    thanks :better:
    oh they were fine, not grown much yet, but fine :lol:. I'm thinking of making something to cover the spot from the rain, so it won't happen again :D
    hows school going, I'm counting the days till summer holidays
    I think so anyway :hug:
    I went to my MJ spot today and my message and some other stuff I left there have been ruined by the rain, I was so gutted :( But I'll enjoy doing it all again, all for MJ I suppose, but it was really sad when I saw it :(
    Thats great, you must have great friends :)
    I think the hardest one's out of the way, the rest won't be as hard as this *fingers crossed*
    I cried in the early hours of the morning, I cried myself to sleep :weeping:
    I ended up going to school, and I have to say I think it was for the best. My friends cheered me up, I even smiled a little. When I'm with people I don't think about it, its when I'm on my own when it gets to me. Although I did have to do a test for my Science ISA which wasn't too good, all I could think about was MJ :(.
    Then I came home and went to my memorial spot, I decided to plant flowers instead of a tree and I put a drawing of MJ which I framed, a message to him on a scrolled up paper with a red ribbon, and I just sat there with my dog for maybe two hours after I read my message I sang We've Had Enough, climbed a tree for a while and then went home and listened to his music.
    At 10:00pm I did the MJ global prayer and then at 10:26pm (exactly a year since he passed), I went into a real state:( couldn't stop crying :cry:.
    did you do anything?
    I'm OK, still down from yesterday but I'm fine.
    How was it for you yesterday ? I hopr your coping :huggy:
    :yes: another day especially !! its being said that it will be released in November, my birthdays in November !!! :woohoo:
    Me too, and from the songs that have been leaked, it sound AMAZING :woohoo: :woohoo:
    I know, aren't I lucky :)
    Are you ready for the new MJ album this Novermber ? I can't wait :woohoo:
    My mum actually got me into MJ I think, she bought me the thriller album, and I've been hooked ever since :lol:
    Thanks :D you too for all of your tests.
    And yeah, my whole family love his music, my mum and sister especially, my mum even went to a HIStory concert, with my dad and uncle. My uncle went to all three of MJ's tours while he was in the UK. My dad might make some hater comments but nothing major really :D
    It was always going to be hard :(. I might just not turn up to school, I have no tests on that day, depending on if my mum will let me that is.
    I can't come to grips with it too :(, I don't know if I can face going to school on that day, I've got a physics test the day before, I don't know how I'm going to handle this week...
    I've got that too, then the last one for me is on the 30th :/, Maths revision all today :(
    Thanks :D I'm fine thanks, you ??
    Thats ok, I've been revising too, only three tests lefts :woohoo: after this week I'll be done.. for this year at least.
    My collections quiet big actually I've got 2 lenticular TII ticket's, one from my TII show I was going to go to, and I won a contest here on MJJC to win the other one, 2 memorial programmes, a promotional This Is It album, promotional Billie Jean 7" vinyl, oh and I even got a DVD stand from the ones they had in the shops when This Is It came out :p
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