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  • Happy New Year Sheila!!! :D
    If you happen to pop in this year, I hope all is well. Take care.

    Hi Sheila! Hope you have a terrific birthday!
    Miss seeing you as often around the forum. Take care and enjoy yourself. :)Silouette~

    yeah, thanks. some of the posts on here, I don't understand why they are not removed. I thought it was against the rules to disrespect Michael...
    Thank you for the reputation vote. One thing I do believe is that Michael's legacy will go on while this so called "comedy" will barely even be remembered. And that's something.
    Sorry for the superrr long delay in replying to your latest message Sheila. I'm bound to write you soon enough over the weekend ;D Until then, all the best and take care *hug*
    Looks like the place is staying put :) Can't answer properly your lovely PM right now, which is why I'm sending this short one here and the friend request.

    Laters homegirl. Keep rockin' :punk:
    Thanks you i will be cheer hard i hate i am going to be sick watch the Super Bowl and on top of that my eye is very red i am going to see the doctor today so i hope it not pink eye.

    love you more
    Hey You. :D I've been thinking of you. I have been very busy since the holiday season that I'm just now getting the chance to say "Hello" I hope you survived Black Friday and The Holiday Season alright.
    Hi there, how are you ?

    I don't celebrate christmas. I mean, not really, I don't buy gifts and all that. No it's ok lol, don't clear the PM box. I just wanted to say "Favorite flavour ?! Omg, I did not need all this information. I have to go wash my pure innocent eyes now. :p". :)
    Hi there, how are you ? I just tried to answer the pm you sent me a long time ago but it tells me I should clear my inbox a little which I don't understand because it's not full. It's ok though. I hope you're ok. You look great (as per usual) in your avatar btw. :)
    :ciao: Oh, I love your profile picture of Mike.. That's a fine photo-shoot of him from "In The Closet." Hope you've been doing good. :)
    Hi!!! I'm so glad that you wrote me. You have to be one of my favorite people on this forum. Ever since you wrote that story about getting in to the Victory tour-and I loved that story and went to the tour vicariously through you (darn that Don King and that money order system-I couldn't go).
    I also cracked up when we were looking at the pix of Michael in his NYC apartment with Stephanie Mills and you said you were "hating on her." I really laughed. Of course, back then I thought of Stephanie as a little girl-now looking at the pix I realize she wasn't, was she? ha.
    I was always green eyed with jealousy with Diana.
    Thanks ! Happy Saturday ! Have a nice day. I do not have a cat. Maybe one day. If I get a pet I think I'll get a cat because I will not have to walk it several times a day. That being said, I heard cats are more um, what's the word ? They're said to wanna be left alone more and you cannot really train 'em. I love the way pitbulls look but you have to be very careful with dogs when it comes to training them for food aggression etc. How hard was it to train your cat ? Does it obey you ? Does it hiss, growl, scratch in an aggressive way ? As in "try that again and you'll see." Are there times when you're afraid of your cat ? Afraid of crossing a line ?
    Just doin' a birthday moonwalk on your wall. :lol: Hope your day is fun and that you get a piece of Michael 'cake.' :cheeky:
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