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  • Hey man, how's it going? :)

    I just realized that I have two friends on my "friends list". Mainly because I'm a noob and don't use all of the forum's features. I'm trying to get into each of them so I though I'd start by asking how you're doing. I've talked with my other friend Dorian via messenger since he's also from my country.

    So yeah, enough about me, that might get boring.
    trying to be fine ...what happened here ??? i'm away cause i have my final exams very very soon so i cant be online this much i'm about once a week i can be online but i missed u all in here ... how u r been doing ?? i hope u r doing fine ??
    Yes, absolutely....Walt Disney's work ethic reminds me so much of Michael's....Plus, they're both magic ;)

    I love pretty much all Disney films...I've also always loved 101 Dalmatians, The Rescuers, Finding Nemo...gawd, all of them!
    Absolutely love them...Aladdin, Sword in the Stone, Jungle Book, Robin Hood...among some of my faves....You?
    Yeah, Star Wars, Back to the Future...Those are great...Other than that, I'm not into them much...Just the classics, I guess...
    I believe I've only seen the first Toy Story...I heard the latest one is great though :)
    Yes, he was a beauty in the Bad era...My favourite era...OTW is probably my second fave album..
    Favourite album would definitely be Bad...Genius album...No way to pick a favourite song, though lol
    Yeah, TV is pretty much garbage now...:lol: Yeah, I go on YT..mostly to watch Michael...but I usually watch stupid, funny stuff, too..Whatever I stumble
    Well, whatever is on, really...because I don't like watching TV much...only when I'm bored...I just watch Family Guy or something lol
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