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  • SILS if you dont reply within the next few days im calling you lane. I loved you and you were the FIRST person to welcome me here
    I loved you lane alot .R.I.P.
    Sils come back.. There is a new album/ project in the works my love. Estate is releasing something called Scream.
    Come back now please..
    I have been checking back here more regularly since I told you my news... seems you've not been back on. I hope you're doing ok? Kinda worrying as it's not like you to
    be MIA for long periods. Hope you're back soon :hug:
    Hey Sils, where you @? You've been MIA for almost six weeks now. Hope all is well with you and you're just takin' a small MJJC break because real life is keepin' you very busy. We miss you up in here - especially with the pics and the listenin' now stuff. Blessings to you, wherever you are :hug:
    Oh noooooo, don't even think about "backin' up". That would be the complete opposite of what I had in mind. I truly enjoyed all of the pictures you posted, I just couldn't give you rep. points for each one. That was my only issue. By all means, keep on keepin' on :) Btw of your posts - your contributions during the last two pages of the listenin' now thread have been truly amazing. Nice of you to remember Prince and Luther Vandross. Had no idea they shared April 21st, for opposite reasons had me playin' the 2Pac songs earlier in the evening. That was soooo coool, especially Me against the world......that's my jam right there. Awesome reminder of TLC as well. Thanks again :hug:
    You posted sooooo many amazing pics Sils while I was away for a few days that I don't even remember which one I wanted to give rep points for :lol: Turns out it was too soon after the last time. One that I distinctly do remember is the one with the mismatched socks at the piano (red and yellow), I hadn't actually seen the second picture, where he is facing the camera. THXXXX again for everything :bow:
    I had a blood test last Monday. They told me I'd be able to pick up the results today. I went to the lab and was told I have to wait until Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday). I guess I'm so fine, they're using my blood to clone me.
    You've been online a lot lately. Did you just have a baby ?

    She'll beat me up for that joke. Hold on, she cannot catch me ! :wild: :tease:
    Awww, I did not know about the daughter. Poor her, she did not do anything. That soap on the cell floor shit sounds like it is from a movie.
    You too Silouette. I'll keep good thoughts going for you. If you ever need to rant to someone about it, I'm all ears.
    Don't even mention it. Glad I could be of service :) You enjoy the holidays. Blessings to you Sils, blessings :hug:
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