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  • Hey Sil how are you doing?? I am doing good. I try to come on here as often as possible but it's during the evening time when I come on. I am mostly on the chat so you know where to look for me. Glad to hear from you :smiley:
    Home at last! :dropdead: It all happened just a few days before I was due to fly home then there were no flights into London for a week and when they started rescheduling flights we were told they couldn't fit us on any flights until the 3rd.. I was devasted, Most would think I was lucky, But my kids were with their dad for the week I was gone but ended up almost a month :( I have never been away from them for that long. But it was a lovely place and once given the date home after a few days of feeling down about missing the kids I just tried to enjoy it as much as I could, I knew they were ok as I was calling them often. I missed this place and you :hug: I have not been online once so havent a clue on any news if any. :unsure: I better do some catching up. Sorry for having you worry :better:
    me too ...
    me too..its a diff world ...
    joshing around ...:lol:
    im tryin to be ok about you babe ?:flowers:
    I've been OK, thanks. :) dont like me very much. Lol!
    But Imma come back anywayz.

    Have a great weekend Dot! ^_^
    Nothing much.. should be snoring my head off by now :lol:
    Something bothering me.. Or more like someone. But i'm ok. :)
    Hi there,
    I apologize for not responding to you before now. I statrted working in dec. but due to my asthma i just couldn't continue. :( So I'm home now again. It's sad for me because I live in a bubble most of the time. If I exert too much energy or if I am exposed to chemicals or others who may have a cold or flu, I get sick immediately. Now, I'm more depressed cause of not being able to work and still dealing with MJ'S death an yesterday my mom had a very serious car accident and I'm a wreck!
    Anyway, thank you for thinking of me and I pray this is a better year than last year.
    Yeah sorry! :sowy: :lol:
    I've been quiet for a while! :lol:
    But I try to come back! Is there still a place for me in this board ?? :lol:
    Booo!! :lol: I'm back! :lol:
    How are you ?? :D and what's new here ?? :D
    Thank you for your wish! ;D I hope to see you around! ;)
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