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  • I was actually wonderin' if that was the original you had posted or not. Sorry for puttin' ya through all this trouble. You enjoy your day, although over in the US it's the middle of the night right about now......unless you in Hawaii LOL
    At least you haven't quit your old job like I did. Smart or stupid, I just couldn't do it anymore and it's not as the pay was good because it wasn't. Yeah, if your not happy what your doing, it just sucks the life right out of you. I hope you find something better. :yes:
    Yes, I am sure. At least she answered. I know you should not use this type of apps if your self-esteem is low. I can't help it. I was gonna say something very private. But you do not wanna hear all that, hehe. Anyway, I'll accept my fate in a few days I guess. I'm gonna give birth to a new me. Yay ! :birthday:
    Oh wow, this morning was great. Birds were chirping, I found out a woman sent me a "Thanks, but I'm not interested" type of message on a dating app. Can I interest you in some champagne ? :D

    I'm alright, thank you. I'm glad you are ok. Thanks for the compliment. I can look good if I make my hair short and do not wear my glasses. The mini beard was gone soon after this post-barbershop picture hehe. I'd rather take care of it myself. Unfortunately, I'll never know what you look like. :(
    Well, first, I was sincere when I said "How you doing ?". You did not answer. Oh, remember when you said "I did forget about my Thugs" ? I said: "Do not forget again." and posted a pic of myself. I edited my message because I thought you had seen it. :)
    Oh you know me. Always insecure. How you doing ? Did you see my joke on your wall ? The one with my picture. :)
    I saw Snoop live in 2007. He was touring with Diddy. It was an ok concert. What did you mean in the bone thugs thread when you wrote "Just thug, huh...ok." ? :)
    Same result Sils, it still appears as an attachment and can't see it........strange
    I'm fine thank you. Just getting ready to start the job hunt and trying to finish my resume. Which is hard because I really hate doing resumes. LOL
    You do not listen to Bone Thugs anymore ? No Amy Winehouse ? Ice T ? :)

    I wanted to ask you what concerts you had attended lately, but I know you're extremely careful/picky when it comes to information. Hence my hesitation.
    Hi there Silouette. :ciao: Hope your doing well. Wow, I like the article and book covers you posted.
    LOL@ the strawberry t-shirt Mike is sportin'; not sure I quite get the subliminal message he is trying to send though :lol: other than strawberries and cream my naughty little mind can't go any further :p perhaps there's some cultural difference I ain't gettin' hahaha

    Btw of pictures, I can't seem to be able to see the one you posted in the thread for Paris' birthday. It says it's attached and then when I press the link, I'm not allowed to go any further.....
    I used to read like a fiend. Now I read so much stuff on the internet-that my eyes get blurry. Lol. No one really talks about books anymore-I haven't heard of anything that's really good out there.
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