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  • Ooohhhhh She already had the audition months ago, Call backs were in Feb. We didn't hear.
    Kind of expecting that though.. She isn't ready, really. But she begged me to let her do it. :) she enjoyed what she did do anyways.
    Aww, :hug:

    I can't believe it still either. :(

    Kids are good Thanks hun :) Show? what show? :unsure: Am I missing somethin? :unsure:
    I care about you alot Sil. Never forget that. :hug: I have known you for so long and we have been there through good and bad. I truly do cherish you very much.
    I miss you too :hug: I miss a lot of things. :sigh: It actually feels nice I am thought of and missed by someone, I'm sure most wouldn't care. Ty :)
    hi sil! sorry for not replying earlier but i dont come here anymore. i cant handle the emotions. i'm not ready yet to accept what happened. i dont think i ever will be though. hope ur doing well. *hug*
    We can be grumpy and fed up together then. :D << Oops meant to be fed up. :angry:


    Loves ya!
    Did I miss your birthday? Awww I feel bad sil : ( I hope you had a good one and next time tell me it's your birthday. Anyway see ya around.
    You're welcome! Hope you've had a wonderful day with lots of fun!

    A lot of love, hugs and kisses to you xxxx
    :lol: silly girrrrrl. haha! Doesnt matter to me, and I really don't need to know anyways.. just teasing ya! :tease:

    * Thinking you must be in your 80's * :bugeyed :lmao: :p
    Awwww! Romi! :D He's cute! TY!

    Ian! :wild: You rock dude! For real. ;)

    Billie Jean! I love it! :heart: Thank yooooou!
    Michael. :girl_love:

    Lorraine. As much as I love ya, ;) you neva will! Bwaaahahahaha! :lol:
    Just know that aside from all of that, I'm young at heart as well.
    TY my friend.

    Now yall better get back over here to my page to read what I had to say! Lol!

    I crack me up. :doh:

    *sings, happy burfday to me.....*
    Happy Birthday my friend!! :hug: :holiday:
    Hope you have a nice day! :D Take care! :huggy::flowers:
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