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  • Oh it's going to get magical here in a few hours when I go to a Halloween party! Thank you very much!!
    Glad your ok, and yeah I'm fine thanks.:)

    oh cool, it's incredible, have fun watching it.
    Are you going with other fans
    sils babe :hug:
    hiii:waving::better: is that you ?
    if so , your more beautiful than i could ever comprehend , you look like a model or something babes .
    how are you ,doll ? ...i hope you are finding peace :angel:,... love you sweetness ~xoxo
    Things got a whole lot worse yesterday. So yay. Put it this way, Christmas is cancelled and I'm not kidding.
    I think you may be right about that! Lol!

    I'm east coast basically. You know.

    I'll have to go thru my pics to see if I have it larger.
    That's ok:).
    And I think it's Impossible NOT to love Michael:lol:

    Where are you from?:happy:

    p.s I like your Profe pic of Michael in the doorway, have you got it any bigger?:)
    Hey, Silouette! I'm not sure what you mean by just because? :happy::wink:

    but I am just interested in getting to know more Michael fans, cos he is so wonderful:)

    I will see you 'round the forums too:D

    Day is also going crap. Every day recently has been crap. Sick of it all to be honest.
    Lol! Thanks Carina. The first one, I really cant tell if thats the one I have.
    I love it no mattter. The 2nd one is just MJGangsta! Hahaha!
    Nah, I'd do the same thing in your position. :lol:
    I got these from my favourite MJ gallery - so check out everything there. :D

    hey there Silouette!!! :hug: Nice siggy!

    hey :p

    to be honest, I'm only coming here up until this whole investigation and this is it is over
    hey baby , how are you ...healing ?:unsure: its hard to express on ...through text ..i ...:huggy:
    .....:huggy:.....take it slow , (((((((((:)huggy:)))))))))baby steps ~i love you sils ,
    Hey Sil sorry I haven't pmed you. It sure has been awhile since the last we spoke. With Michael's passing I haven't been on here as much as I would like. I am doing fine and coping with everything day by day. Hope you are doing well. I have been in chat a couple of times but I haven't seen you. Hope to talk to you soon.
    Hi Silsil~!! :huggy: I'm..alright, hee. not the best, but I'm holding up.. :)

    I love Michael so much. :weeping::heart: He will live in our hearts forever. This world didn't deserve him. :no: He's in a much better place. :angel:

    Hope you are doing ok, hun. :Miss you!!! :huggy:xx
    Hi Sil! :)
    I'm okay! Thanks for asking!
    I hope you're fine too!
    Bless you! Take care! :flowers:
    Hey Sil.....
    My mom woke me up a couple of hours ago (6:28 a.m.) to tell me that the funeral had been delayed and to come and watch. I'm glad he's been finally laid to rest. It tough, and tears still welled up, but it's a moment that had to come one day...

    I'm okay, enjoying my last month of vacation before Uni starts :)

    How are you?
    I am here too. 3:30am here feeling sad and very tired, I just want to feel normal again.. don't see that happening sometime soon. Thanks for checking in on me, Take care too hun. :hug:
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