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  • April 4, 1968

    LOL@ the strawberry t-shirt Mike is sportin'; not sure I quite get the subliminal message he is trying to send though :lol: other than strawberries and cream my naughty little mind can't go any further :p perhaps there's some cultural difference I ain't gettin' hahaha

    Btw of pictures, I can't seem to be able to see the one you posted in the thread for Paris' birthday. It says it's attached and then when I press the link, I'm not allowed to go any further.....
    I used to read like a fiend. Now I read so much stuff on the internet-that my eyes get blurry. Lol. No one really talks about books anymore-I haven't heard of anything that's really good out there.
    Kinda the same. Nothing really going on on TV or the internet, so need to do something productive. It's a rainy, dreary day here. I saved a couple of specials on YouTube to watch later-one on Diana Ross and one on Rod Temperton-maybe I should watch those. I noticed the Chat box said 2000 Watts was open again-wonder if that's a mistake. Lol.
    I'm fine, thank you. Sometimes I wanna ask Girl how she's doing, but I fear it might annoy her. Your siggy is great. What year was it ? I did not know he was doing that dance move so early in his career. :)
    Checkin' out the listening now thread I couldn't help but notice how you are always so thoughtful and remember everyone - Pac, Babygirl Aalyiah, Whitney and even here with Dr. King's birthday. You really do have an elephant memory, don't you Sils? :) I tend to be like that as well, but in certain years I forget. Thanks for reminding me and fellow forgetful ones about these important occasions.
    Thought u might enjoy that particular applehead :p I was savin' it for some other occasion, but when I saw it was your b-day I figured it would be the perfect image for ya :D
    It was your birthday!!!!!! I'm sorry I wasn't online. Very happy belated birthday wishes. Hope it was great. :birthday::cheers:
    Do you have um ... What do you call that ? A music library I could see ? Excuse my poor English. Some websites let you create a profile that shows covers of albums you like. Do you have a link/profile/whatever ?
    Hey there, birthday gal :clap:

    I wanted to come in here and post in quite a few threads, but time won't allow me to do all of that. At one point I even thought of not stoppin' by at all tonight, but once I saw it was your birthday, I haddd to check in here and wish you well :D

    God bless you Sils. Enjoy your day, the loved ones around and all your sweet memories from the past.

    You are a constant, endearing and reassuring presence around here :bow: Keep on' keepin' on :punk: <-----not particularly fond of it, but it sends the message out rather effectively :lol:


    *Off to check some other threads now and then end my short pitstop*
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