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  • Hey! :D Oh really? I got that message a few times when I tried ones like that a few weeks ago but now it lets me do it? was it recently you tried?
    Nothin new really lol how you doing?
    if a piece of poop had wings and it was chasing after you, what would u do?
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! hello babes , how are you ? great to see you , have a beautiful blessed week if we dont spk before ((((huggs))))))
    Hey Sil :) it's because I believe behaviour breeds behaviour :D and plus the world is a wonderful place :D

    (how sickening all this cheer huh? LOL :p ) Hoep you're well :)
    Hey sil :) how are you
    It was scavanger hunt game.... we were supposed to look for MJ pics around the forum thread.. it was fun and somehow i mamanged to win... LOL!
    Hi there :) Im just okay. Having a headache again. Thats fine you can call me whatever you want :) How about how are you? :)
    Well, I was shocked cuz in the past (and I've been around for a long time now) when I tried to communicate w/u on the forums, it went I gave up. No problem tho.
    The new features are great and I'm contemplating starting a blog.....we'll see. :)
    Hello !! why was you shocked ?? LOL

    I am trying to promote the new feature :yes: in the process, I hope to meet and make new friends within our community. The goal is for everyone to feel welcome and a part of the community :D
    I see.
    Must be that teacher personality you have.
    You do a good job while having fun as well. Thats cool. :)
    Yeah I do enjoy it actually :) It's good to be able to help members and to help keep the forum uncluttered and stuff :)
    Thank you GiGi!
    Our weather has been OK and it looks like the holiday weekend
    weather will be fabulous according to the news. Like in the 70's near 80's.
    It's about time too!
    Have a great weekend yourself sweetie! :)
    hiii silsil!! :) i'm doing good, thanks for asking! XD
    it's a real cold and windy day here today..hope your weather is better! :flowers:
    Have a nice weekend hun and take care. Love ya! :)
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