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  • ahahahaha then i will preform this on all the men in question
    serg..mj..brun..and trav

    lmfao!! good idea girl..good idea!! HAHAHAHA
    cant wait to this masterpiece is finished..
    we'll be dancin' away to it like mad!! woop woop

    :dance: :dancing:
    i knowwww! girl... we need to add more lyrics!!
    damn..lets see!!!
    how we gonna do this!!
    we need sexy brun here to show us a thing or two about song writing...erotic song writing that is :censored:

    ahahahahaha!! that gif is HILARIOUS!!

    ohh yeeeess!!
    mow mow mow travs boat...gently round his PEEN!! (8) tehehehehehe
    we know the story behind the lawn mowing!! :naughty:
    :swoon: :swoon: :swoon: :swoon: :swoon:

    Come here serg/brun/MJ/trav

    *DEAD* @the mow and ride tour!!! *DEAD*
    we sooo should add more lyrics!! GAWWWD this is going to be a pure scream!! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
    Merry Christmas
    I'm good. Finished school for the year yesterday, kinda. Got a few exams next week then got 2 and a half months summer holidays :D I'll get bored after a few weeks though lol.
    Ola chiquita banana! :queen: :heart: Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland!
    lmfao its hilarious though.
    its a pure insult to Michael though lol imagine his face if/when he seen it..he'd be like...
    but id still pose beside it lmao for the craic like!!! LMFAO!!
    its a class phone!! hehehe thank you for helping silly wee me with it and stuff.
    lol 4 hours later i got one app downloaded remember!! :lmao:
    LMFAO...i just crapped my bags as i came onto ur page
    that 'waxwork' i posted scared me! lol
    hahahahha literally i was like... woahhh. :lol:

    oooo silsywilsy i LOVE LOVE LOVE the blackberry hehehe its the cutest wee phone EVERRRRRR!! hehehehe
    YEAHHH!! heheheh!!
    that means ive known you for a year 2mro!!! :dance: wooo wooo woohoo!! :dancing:
    hehehehehehehe :blush:
    ahahahahaha i knowww!! remember my twitter chant yesterday?
    HIP HIP _ _ HIP HIP _ _ !!! :lmao:
    on friday it will be my one year thingy on here!! yeroooo!!! :dance: :dancing:
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