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  • How you doing Michelle? Can you believe 2 years has gone by since we messaged last?
    Hope all is well with you. Talk to you later.
    Love, Trina
    join us now on
    to celebrate Michael's legacy! :thumbsup:

    a live radio
    a dating area....
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    share this page with more than people only if you are a true fan :)
    hey Michelle! So great to hear from you! I don't come on every day anymore either.
    I'm doing well. I hope everything is ok with you. Thanks for stopping by Michelle.:huggy:
    :birthday: hope you had a nice birthday Michelle! :):):)

    Friends are like stars,
    you can’t always see them but you know that they are there for you,
    and thinking of you. Happy birthday…


    Happy birhday Michelle ...
    Merry Christmas
    Good to see a familiar face :O) Since i was last on i have been quite busy with a new flat and getting it decorated and things and also improving my gcse grades from school Lol! And also trying to fill the hole of no more Mj releases for a while :s but otherwise ok thanks :p What about you? :O)x
    Hey Michelle!! :O) Please forgive my not getting back to you :( i haven't had the internet for soooooooo long!!! Hope you are good i have an internet connection of my own back now :p so if you still want to contact me then feel free anytime :O) Keep Michaeling!!
    Silverfox, you know I don't know you. But I think you look sooo full of love! <3 ^^ <MJJ>
    hi! Michelle!
    Help! What happened to the 2000 watts part of the forum, I couldn't see it. I 'm downloading something in this. I heard I have to pay for it when I download. And what's the Gold Club member? I don't understand at all. why can't we share MJ videos together???
    Hi! Nice to meet you! I saw you in many topic, And I also see you in youtube. You often uploaded many rare clip about MJ which I find. Thanks so much! would you like to make friend with me? Hope to become your friend.
    I'm from Vietnam. I'm a MJ fan when I was a kid ^^. My English is not pretty well!
    Hi Long time no speak :) sorry havent replied till now but i had forgotten i had an account here :/ Hope you are well :)
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