Hi my name is Michelle, I have been a major fan of MJ my whole life, I have a lot of different interests including movies, singing & producing music, socialising, gym, I'm a bit of a pyro nerd and absolutely love fireworks. Really interested in Neurology and the anatomy of the human body and how it works. I'm also into landscape gardening and really love plants, specially interested in tropicals and fern trees. I can't stand cruelty to animals and I'm most content just relaxing at home listening to music, chilling in the hot tub or chatting with friends and family around a nice warm camp fire in the garden. Happy days lol :)

It's always nice to meet & keep in touch with other Michael Jackson fans. I'm on facebook so please feel free to add me :) my email address is:

Thanks for checking out my profile x
March 20
London U.K


'I'll Never Let You Part... For You're Always In My Heart'