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  • Hey Michelle sorry about yesterday I got little late and when I got back you weren't on..Anyways hopefully I wil be getting more Bootleg DVDs soon (Not MJ though)..hehe But that will take some time and ohh yeah did you download that TDCAU whole thing??
    Thanks a lot Michelle and yeah Epiphone is one the top 5 guitar for beginers plus I have plenty of time rightnow.Though I can only get it by July and rightnow I am hoping to get a job pretty soon..Anyway I would still like to play it.uhmm mainly GNR,Metallica,Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath..hehe
    yeah..its les Paul Epiphone and its great for beginers..uhmm I wud call myself beginer only cuz its been yrs now so I think I gotta learn basic thing again..Its just 170$ on guitar center plus I will be buying Wireless set for the guitar so that I dont have to stand up like a dummy at one place stuck with cables and things..hehe..yo have you downloaded this?

    if you have then please pelase burn an extra copy for me..I want this.hehe
    Yo..Nothing really I have posted that link to DVDs in Buy/Sell/Trade section..maybe somebody want them though I don't hope much from forums now a And yeah I've been lookin for a Les Paul since few days..I have choosed one frm guitarcenter,it looks cool but they don't ship to India so I will have to wait for a friend who will bring it in July from USA.
    Yeah sure and you too if you want anything else from me just let me know though you have everything that I have but still if there is something you want just let me know..ok?hehe rightnow Im busy in getting Guns n Roses PRO DVDs so didnt have a chance to get few dvds which I shud have had by But in few days I will have all GNR PRO DVDs so I will be back to Mike again:cheeky:
    Hey Michelle..Thats great,though tht History In Milan is I think DVD made from AVI files..I got tht DVD just as it is,all i did was changed the menus..Anyways Im glad you liked the DVDs..Thanks a lot..Yeah I was not on MSN much Though usually I am on MSN almost all day long cuz I got nothing else to do really..Anyways if I see you online I will say "HI"..Anyway you take care of yourself and hopefully I will speak to you soon.
    Yeah there will be lots of DVD's that I would love have from you.I will let ya know later about it,ok??If you need any Dual Layer Discs from me please let me know.Yeah I was on for few minutes but then I logged off and now im back on again but I don't see you on MSN now..maybe later??Hope to speak to ya soon.
    :clapping:Hey Michelle..Thats great.Im on MSN rightnow..hehe but don't see ya on:doh:..:yes:And yes I got your email,just have check it now..Btw you got those DVDs??I hope you have or maybe tomorrow or on Wednesday..Last time you got them real quick.:D
    Hey no problems Michelle,I hope atleast one of them will work for you..Anyways I've found a way to get rid off all my Pre Burned MJ DVD's..I wanted to sell 2-3 sets on ebay but I don't know how it works on Ebay so had to make my own webpage..I included some of your DVDs too the ones you sent so that if anybody want whole bunch of thing I have can have it at the price of shipping and handling.Here is the link:

    I still have to add Paypal button to it,rightnow I am working on it:).
    Hey tht's aweosme..I am going to get rid off all the extra Pre Burned DVDs I got.I am hoping to make a webpage for my MJ DVDs collection.Anyone can just pay the 4$ and get the dvd,it will help me out in cleaning out and get some space for the new dvds tht I get or will Ill talk to ya later on MSN,Im sorry I cudnt upload MSN for ya til yet but I will today or maybe I will find some link for ya from where you can get all the old versions of the MSN you want..See ya

    Take Care
    Ok Michelle..Thanks!!!Anyway I dont have your udated list rightnow so I will let you know if I want anything from your list once I get your udated list.
    Hey Michelle YSI messed up when I was tryin to upload MSN yesterday,anyway I will upload it today.Hopefully you will receive DVDs til coming tuesday or wednesday.
    hey yo michelle i've sent those 3 dvds along with dangerous tour unleashed vol1 and 2 which you asked Jean to upload..Hopefully you will receieve them by comin yuesday or wednesday.Im uploading MSN on mediafire rightnow..I will send you the link to it soon.Are ya goin on some vacation???
    Thanks that would be great, i liked the last one before the most recent update if you have that one that would be cool ;)
    Ohhh..yeah I thought so.Did ya ever try to install new MSN.Maybe it can sort out your MSN troubles.Anyway I hope to talk to you soon on MSN.Take Care
    Heyyyyyyy..Yes you are very very right..I dont hear any Beatles music in any of MJ's song either so its really stupid to say Beatles influenced Michael's music.It is kind of hype that was created by narrrow minded media after Thriller was released,Im 100% sure Beatles or Elvis never had such kind of hype before Thriller came out.After that til yet we have been bombarded with this false fact that Beatles was best Rock Group ever and Elvis was the King Of Rock and Roll.hehe dont laugh at me but I cant really differenciate between any of Evis song's,its like they had same chord progression all the times,same rythm and always sounded same.There was nothing fresh and Beatles,on my worst day of life I downloaded their whole discography from a torrent but a friend asked for that DVD and I gave it to him and never ever asked him to give it 100% sure he will be so happy to see that DVD get scratched haha.
    Michelleeeee!!!!Yeah sadly it got but it was very much fun and very revealing thread..haha maybe mods dont know what threads to be closed and which shudnt And anyways its unfortunate ppl dont wanna know the truth these days and tht last unicorn dont know a thing.He/She thinks Elvis or Beatles are known everywhere which is just a myth created by media.
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