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  • I am ok I guess but so bored and even MJJC is getting so thread was some fun but its closed too now.
    I just got that message from PETA:

    That's right Google, a company with a motto of "don't be evil" allows advertisements for fur, including dog fur(!!!) on Chinese Web sites!

    Speak up for dogs and other animals by telling Google that modern, successful businesses don't sell or advertise fur!
    Hey Michelle happy B'day..I hope you saw my post on your FB wall.Ya I do hope he does atleast one concert here in India.But thats great you got 2 tickets,I've seen ppl still struggling for 1 ticket..You are very Anyway its good to hear from you.You Take care of yourself.Cya
    Hey Michelle!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!:cheers:
    May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love!

    May the child within your heart stay forever!
    Ya know i reckon that he will do more shows after this, as he said its the last shows in London, so he will probly move on to other countries after :) I really hope so anyway :D
    aww but i think still its great you got a chance to be on front row..Ya I also want him to do a World Tour like all other fans.I just read a thread,Mike's cd sales has got up more than 100% just after his announcement.haha now thats what I call Michael Its really amazing and so magical.I wish I could come to UK but this love affair between me and and money isnt goin very well these and plus to come to UK is not easy for me.I will need visa and solid reason to be in UK and ya ofcourse big bank balance to prove to those guys in Embassy that I am just travelling UK and I got enough money..So odds are against me rightnow,now all I can hope for is Mike come over here and perform.
    hey thts awesome!!!!!Wish I could have been there..Im doin ok just so excited about these concerts and that 3 yrl plan seems so promising..And Randy mentioned Paris,Mumbai and NY..He will be in India thts goin to be amazing..I just dont want him to do just O2,I would love to see him do the world tour.You filmed anything by your phone or cam since he got in London??Im desperately lookin for fan filmed
    hey its alright michelle...whenever u update it just send it to me..we will have to arrange few things before starting the whole project
    hey michelle wats up??i've sent an email to ya,whenever you can just read it.and anyway did u updated your list??
    hey michelle how are ya doing?I guess my computer is fine now..I will get back my DVD burner on Monday or Tuesday so I hope I will finish remaining DVDs pretty soon..And ofcourse Ill let ya know once Im done with everything.You take care of yourself..Cya on msn
    Hey Michelle.So great to See you on here.Hope you are doin' well!Would love to see you more often.Miss the Mjno Family:-( Lots of love,Simon
    hey girl! good to see you! things are fine with me. hope you're well and have a happy new year.:cheers: thanks for stoppin' by michelle!:flowers:
    hey michelle how are you doin?thanks for add..I had to send my CPU for some service,hope it will be alright by today.I will let ya know when Im done with your DVDs and get them posted to you..
    hey michelle, whats up? i hope you sign on again soon. you should post your great avi uploads here. alot of people would love to have 'em.
    see ya soon!
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