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  • hey michelle how are ya doing?I guess my computer is fine now..I will get back my DVD burner on Monday or Tuesday so I hope I will finish remaining DVDs pretty soon..And ofcourse Ill let ya know once Im done with everything.You take care of yourself..Cya on msn
    Hey Michelle.So great to See you on here.Hope you are doin' well!Would love to see you more often.Miss the Mjno Family:-( Lots of love,Simon
    hey girl! good to see you! things are fine with me. hope you're well and have a happy new year.:cheers: thanks for stoppin' by michelle!:flowers:
    hey michelle how are you doin?thanks for add..I had to send my CPU for some service,hope it will be alright by today.I will let ya know when Im done with your DVDs and get them posted to you..
    hey michelle, whats up? i hope you sign on again soon. you should post your great avi uploads here. alot of people would love to have 'em.
    see ya soon!
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