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  • I'm counting on it. :D

    No, I'm afraid that chat isn't available anymore. :( ... only this...
    It was already bedtime for me. :(

    I already reactivated my old e-mail, it was no problem. :yes: I guess it's a lot faster than delete a hundred messages. :lol:

    I absolutely agree with you on the smileys...
    I just got the message that you can't receive any more PM's, lol, in that case I will try to reactivate my e-mail. :)
    Heey amiga, it's so nice to hear from you!!! :woohoo: :hug:
    Don't ever forget your password again. :nono: ;)
    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm happy for you. :hug: Sure you will do well. :yes:
    I got my first degree too, just recently actually. :D Now just two more years for the second degree and I'm finally done with uni too. :dance:
    I deleted that e-mail cause I only got spam-mails there. :doh: But I will send you a PM with a new e-mail. :)
    I miss you too! :hug:
    Hope too hear from you again soon. :pray:

    PS: I still try too use the old smilies. :lmao:
    Hello amiga. It's so good to hear from you again! I miss you too. :hug:
    So you haven't changed a bit, it's still movies and golf. :lol:
    I've been good too, still studying math. :smarty: I got a lot of work to do. :sigh:

    Google Translator sucks. :lmao: But I get what you're saying, I hope you come back again soon!! I try to be here. :pray:
    Or not, because I'd have to delete about 200 messages, cause I can only have 100. :wtf: And I don't wanna delete all. :girl_tantrum:

    Can you email me? :unsure: :D
    :wild: So you're still in the land of the living? LOL. :cheeky:
    Oh, is my pm box full? :ph34r: Will do that right away. :D
    If you mean the message with the cake... I got it. :yes: Looks yummy. :dribble: Is it self made? :unsure:
    Weird that you can't see it anymore.... :scratch:
    Hey, amiga. :ciao:
    I hope you're doing fine. :hug: How's school? Do you like it?
    I had a nice vacation. :wild: .. Took some pics, can't wait to show you. :D
    Talk to you soon. :pray:
    Hiya :ciao: Erica :huggy: Its lovely to speak with you :yes: I'm glad your doing really well :yes: , Wow that sounds like an awesome weekend with your dad :D , it sounds like you really enjoyed it :thumbs_up: , what sort of dancing do you do Erica :dancin: Sounds like fun :D , yes I'm doing really well too thanks :yes: , keep in touch too :huggy: :) x
    Amiga, you're still here? :huh: :D
    I gotta go to bed soon, have to get up early tomorrow. :sigh:
    It was nice talking to you again! :hug: I hope we'll meet again soon. :pray:
    Enjoy the rest of your day off. ;) :D
    You've got mail. :D

    And btw, my pics are uploaded, I'm only waiting for yours and that video. :shifty: :D
    Yes, amiga. I have. :wild: :lol: That were indeed quiet much. :rofl:

    The third item was a good idea. :yes: That hadn't come to my mind. :lol:

    I will reply later to your other mails. :D
    You were here. :wild: :hug:

    You are welcome! Glad you liked them. :yes: :D

    Okie, dokie amiga, take your time. ;)
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