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  • I haven't seen a pic of MJ eating pizza ever. It looks like a fun game.
    Thanks for the rep.

    Hi my sweet Erica! :D Finally I can see profiles :lol:

    How are you doing? I hope you are ok... miss you a lot around here, but my holidays are :crazy: I'm doing more things now... I hope you are enjoying yours.

    See you around! :friends:

    i guess you look good wearing shrubs and looking how to say..."professional" ;).

    Wish you a nice trip to Florida and sunny weather :sun: :).
    I'm gonna leave for UK next week and visit my cousin and friends, then we'll have trip to Santa Cruz in Tenerife for a brief vacations here :).

    Hope to see you before leaving :friends:.
    Hi Erica :huggy:,
    it seems we haven't met here lately. Maybe the reason is summer and the wheather here is pretty good to go to the sea or lake. So, i'm spending many time there.
    I had a great weekend. We went to my friend's villa near the lake, ate barbecue and had many fun :).You know, sometimes i need to have a rest from internet, cause it seems i'm addicted :doh:.
    What about your holidays? Are you still working? What are you doing on your leisure time? How are your pretty dogs :girl_aww:?

    Hope to see you soon :friends:.
    Did you get the pictures I sent you earlier? I called your cell but got no answer so I call your house and Trey said you had gone to Lari's party. I'll call you later.
    But you have very nice straight hair! Sometimes I wish my hair would be straight, cuse I have many problems as wheather here are rainy and wet :lol:.
    I love your eyes, what a beauty :).
    Thank you. My eyes are grey-green, it depends on lightening :).

    Now tell me how to delete these pictures :lol:.
    Are you kidding, dear? I really can't see anything :girl_tantrum:. Did you post them on your siggy? I can see Michael with earth Song outfit, that's it :lol:.
    I'm waiting in ^>V thread, but didn't see anything :sigh:. Gosh, what's goin' opn today...
    Hi dear :huggy:

    I'm very well but a bit sleep, cause I had a nap.Almost all day I spent walking around shopping malls and bought many things :). Now searching for a good movie, wanna dowloand , burn to dvd and watch at night :wild:.
    How is your day? ( although it's noon there maybe) :lol:.
    Daamn, I became addicted to arcade games here, cause got up at night to play :lmao:.
    Now I gotta leave.... :yawn: or tomorrow I'll be a zombie :bye:

    Hope you have a really good day. Take care sweetie! :hug:

    I know your working so just to say ----- We're in Crystal River, Florida. We are in a house not in an apartment like I thought. The neghibor let me used his computer for a litlle bit. He says I can use it whenever. lol. Do you know when you all are coming? Let me know asap. bye.
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