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  • It was really nice to see you even if it was for a little while :hug: Now I'm going to bed :sleeping:

    Hope to see you really soon... meanwhile.... have fun pretty Erica! :D

    Okay its official, I'm leaving to Florida on thursday and I start to work on monday, June 20. I hate leaving but Im gonna be making good money--so I'm told.
    N E Wayz, I doubt I'll be able to be have internet access and unlike you I don't have internet on my phone either. I'll call you- answer your phone. lol

    Trey told me you all are going to Disneworld. Let me know exactly when and maybe I can join you all.
    I'll call you tomorrow, I guess I'll start packing. Say hi to your parents. I have been talking to Laura through facebook. That sister of yours is a trip. Never a dull moment with her. lol

    BTW, Josh told me to say hi to you all.
    How was the wedding? Was it fun? Did you dance alot? I called you but it went straight to voicemail so I hung up. talk to you layer.
    I hope so, but like I told you on the phone, I'm sick and tired of this shit. I don't know why my mom gives a crap still. N E wayz, are you excited about coming out in the wedding? I know your not crazy about the dress but I showed the picture you sent me to my sister and she said it was not ugly. I bet your gonna look gorgeous in it. Take alot of pictures, and no your not gonna look like Barney. lol
    Hey, now that we're both online, I have to leave. I have to go take care of what I was telling you about. I'll call you tomorrow.
    Yeah Trey told me that he likes to stop you all on purpose. lol . So what is your brother gonna do now? Is he gonna look for a job?

    About Florida, I'm gonna go. I'll be making quite a bit of money so I'll be able to register in the fall and pay all my classes. Find out the exact date that you all going and I'll try to find out exactly where in Florida Im gonna be working.

    how are you? I saw your comment about the arcade.

    Perhaps it is a log in problem. How are you logging in? You have to choose 'remember me'.:) Hope this is helping you.:unsure:

    Have a nice day and take care.


    P. S. What's your name my teammate?
    Hey how was your brother's graduation? How was Alexander's b'day party? Were you able to get off early from work?

    I've been working everyday late and by the time I get home, I don't feel like doing much. I just lurk around here and not post much. BTW I got an e-mail from Trey he says you all are going to Florida for the Harry Potter thing? He asked me if I was going to go work overthere.
    It's was nice to see you! :D

    I hope you have a good evening (or whatever it is there now :lol: Too tired to think...) I'm going to bed in a few minutes, but wanted to say :bye:

    Take care :hug:

    Hi! :waving:
    Sorry to here that you're sick:( Hope you feel better soon :hug:

    And thank you for the rep :flowers:
    How are you feeling? Hope you feel better soon.

    At least your school semester is over. Talk 2 U tomorrow.
    :bye: It's late and I'm tired... it's been a long week... but I hope to see you soon again!! Take care :hug:
    Aww thank you so much Sweetie for the rep :hug: I also had a big smile (and still have!) on my face when I read your posts here :flowers:

    Good to have you as a friend :hug:

    R U busy studying for finals? U must be glad the semester is almost over.

    My supervisor asked me today if I wanted to go work in Florida for the summer months. I told him I would let him know. I might do it just because it pays good money. I'll think about it.

    What do U think?
    Laura took off the info now. She is so funny. I really like her, well I like your brothers too, they are cool. I'm surprised you all are not spoiled brats considering you have EVERYTHING. lol.

    Hey last night I was an escort at the sweet sixteen party, remember I told you about it? It was nice, I didnt think I was going to have fun, but they played really nice music.

    gotta to you later
    What R U up 2?

    Have you read what Laura (your sister) wrote about you on FB?
    Tell Trey I'm not a pussycat, but the man carries a gun, I had to agree with him. lol.
    I'm peeling 2 and so is Josh. But it was worth it. We really enjoyed it. BTW Josh said you were very cute and pretty. I agree with him.
    Josh and I had a great time. Thanx for everything, you have a very nice family and a beautiful house. What did your mom and dad say? I don't think he liked me, I thought he was going to break my hand when he shook it. lol. Your sister is really nice, she had me and Josh laughing all the time. Your brothers are cool too. Please say thanx to your mom and dad.
    Josh and I are gasing up and leaving. We'll be in San Antonio between 10:30-11:00 pm. We'll see in you at Ingram Mall in the Sears parking lot. N E Wayz, I'll give you a call when we get there. bye
    Your right she's gonna think I'm crazy. lol.
    That's exactly what I told Josh. He was so embarassed and so mad too. He said he might break up with her. Who knows.
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