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  • How was the movie? Did you like it. I might go tomorrow to see it. May be you should have told HEB your semester was over til a later date that way you could have a few days off beofre going back to work.
    BTW, I used one of your post to give fondero rep. I don't think I;ve been online when she's been..... and you say all those people are very nice.......well except for those two you told me about. N E wayz, did you get my e-mail?
    Got it. I was confused. N E Wayz, he's not going to find out anything bad because I've never done anything bad. Unless drinking a beer here and theer is bad, then I'm guilty, lol ----Do you want the info now?
    Why do you think your dad wants that information for? Does he think I'm a stalker or something? lol
    My friend (Josh) and I googled the place and it looks like fun. Can you try to get online tomorrow like around 9-9:30p.m?
    I guess what I meant was if I go will meet you? Are you gamed? Do you have any plans? what are you doing for Easter? R U off from school?
    Hey, how way your saturday? Hope it was good. N E wayz, I was talking to a friend of mine and he said he has a friend in San Antonio and that he might visit him around Easter. He invited me to tag along. What do you think?
    wow organic chemistry. U must b very smart. lol I have been working alot. I get home around 7-8, do this or that and then crash. Did u go to that festival u said u were going?
    I'm glad your test was ok. How many students do you tutor----what subject? Do you like to tutor? Oh got to go. just got company now. Talk to you later. bye
    Well how was your test? I have been working late. By the time I get home, I just want to chill, take a shower and then go to bed. I went online but you were not on. Did you get my pm?
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