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  • How was the movie? Did you like it. I might go tomorrow to see it. May be you should have told HEB your semester was over til a later date that way you could have a few days off beofre going back to work.
    BTW, I used one of your post to give fondero rep. I don't think I;ve been online when she's been..... and you say all those people are very nice.......well except for those two you told me about. N E wayz, did you get my e-mail?
    Since you can't rep, I gave rep to fondero like you've been wanting to do.
    Got it. I was confused. N E Wayz, he's not going to find out anything bad because I've never done anything bad. Unless drinking a beer here and theer is bad, then I'm guilty, lol ----Do you want the info now?
    I don't mind giving the info if thats what it takes. But how is he going to check it?
    Why do you think your dad wants that information for? Does he think I'm a stalker or something? lol
    My friend (Josh) and I googled the place and it looks like fun. Can you try to get online tomorrow like around 9-9:30p.m?
    I guess what I meant was if I go will meet you? Are you gamed? Do you have any plans? what are you doing for Easter? R U off from school?
    Hey, how way your saturday? Hope it was good. N E wayz, I was talking to a friend of mine and he said he has a friend in San Antonio and that he might visit him around Easter. He invited me to tag along. What do you think?
    wow organic chemistry. U must b very smart. lol I have been working alot. I get home around 7-8, do this or that and then crash. Did u go to that festival u said u were going?
    I'm glad your test was ok. How many students do you tutor----what subject? Do you like to tutor? Oh got to go. just got company now. Talk to you later. bye
    Well how was your test? I have been working late. By the time I get home, I just want to chill, take a shower and then go to bed. I went online but you were not on. Did you get my pm?
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