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  • Okay, I see. Now I've learned something again. :smarty:

    Yeah, though it doesn't look so much, when I view them all. :huh: :lol: ..... and yes, I'm already looking forward to all your pics and vids. :shifty: :lol: ;)
    I missed you too. :hug:

    Hunky-dory? :lol: ... I've never heard of that. :unsure: ... Will upload them soon. :yes: ... I have about 400 pics. :swoon: :D
    Hey amiga Magic. I am baaack. :D .. I hope you are fine. :hug:
    I'm just putting all the pics on my laptop. I will send you some soon. :yes: :D
    :lol: Haha that's great, I love pink :D

    My hair is naturally dark brown but at the moment it's sorta part natural, part dark red and part black :lol: I've gone through phases of dying it so now it's a mixture that I'm trying to grow out. :blush: But maybe I will dye it pink next! :lol:

    Have you had a nice weekend?
    Hi Erica! :hi:
    Thanks for accepting my request :flowers: You've got the same name as my cousin, something in common already :lol:
    You can call me Sam :D Nice to meet ya!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas too, and a happy new year! :hug:

    Omg. :swoon: So much? Good that you only were there for four days. :lol: ;)

    I always am. :yes: :D
    I'm glad you are back, amiga. :wild: :hug:

    You still didn't learn? :lol: :cheeky:

    Greeeaaaat! Can't wait. :D
    Got them now. :D.. They are cool! :D The cheerleading outfit really looks good on you! :yes: How old were you on the pic? :unsure: Just curious. :D

    I see, that sucks. :agree: But good that you got rid of them for about two years, that's a long time. :D
    Oh, yes we did amiga. :lol: ... I was talking about the green dot, I can't see it in someone's post. :scratch: And I didn't knew about that notification thing before. :D

    I just checked my mail, amiga. :wild: But you already deleted the pics? Did you think I already saw them? :unsure: ... I first came home at 7:30 pm today, had no chance to check my mails earlier. :sigh:
    Your cold came back? :better:
    Yeah, I noticed. :lol:
    That's what I told you a while ago already. :D The green dots are missing next to the username. :sigh: ... But now you know how it is with you... I only know you're on when I see your posts. :D

    Awesome, amiga! :wild: .. I'm waiting. :timer: :D

    See you! :D
    You are quite welcome, and if there is anything you'd like to ask me, please feel free! :)
    You're ever so welcome. I think i know this show but i'm not sure. Clicked on the first link, the show seems to be canceled. Sorry. *hugs*
    and again you're not here!!!!!!! :girl_tantrum:

    maybe I'll be lucky tomorrow... :(
    :girl_tantrum: are you still there??? :shout:

    ...or did I miss you again?? :boohoo:

    PS: that's a pretty awesome elaborate excuse. -_-
    :shock: I wasn't here a whole week??? :bugeyed .....doesn't seem so long tho... :blink: :scratch:

    my friend got married this weekend, so 2 days before that I was searching for a dress and shoes the whole days long... it annoys me so much when I have to shop in the last minute and I have to buy something... cause usually in that case I can't find anything that I like -_- so on Friday I just bought something that I found OK cause I didn't have anymore time... :glare:
    on Saturday was the wedding... Sunday I slept the all day long... and the last three days I was just purely lazy... :D

    there you go... my excuse! :D :D :D

    too bad I didn't find you in here... guess you're at the movies again, huh? :lol:
    but I have to go to sleep anyway, so I hope I catch you tomorrow! :wild:

    I understand... business calling... :lol:

    and you be good! :nono: don't cause trouble! :nono:

    bye :hug:
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