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  • your street corner looks very fancy I may notice... :lmao:

    yes I'm sure you take good care of them... as long as they pay is all good... :agree: :shifty: :D

    V :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: aaaaaahhh man.... that sucks... :nana:
    yes yes.... excuses excuses :pth: :pth: :pth:

    no but seriously though.... over the day I'm always planing how 'later I'm going to mjjc to post some'... but then something else comes along that interrupts my plans... :mellow: I know it sounds quite stupid, but it is so... :scratch:

    you're going very often to the movies, ain't you?! :yes: wish I could too... I love going to the movies, even if I have to watch something that doesn't interest me at all :lol:

    and about that pic.... I can only say that I kinda wish it would be snowing right now :ninja: :lol:
    :girl_tantrum: I don't know if you were here or not.. but for me the page didn't want to load up until now.. :wtf: :rant:

    and since you're not here anymore (if you were at all cause you're probably at the movies again :D) I'm going to sleep.. :)

    hope to catch you tomorrow :wild:

    don't worry.. I only demand 5% of your income for getting you new customers. :shifty: :D :lol:

    so by 12 AM my time you're done? :thinking: okay!! :wild: will try to catch you! ;)

    yes.. you're ''kidding''.. :ermm: :rolleyes2:

    ...don't worry.. I won't tell anyone.. :ninja: :D
    oh oh.... playin' a thug I see... with that kind of attitude you gonna get in trouble.. :bugeyed :lol:
    isn't there a strict rule in the dealer-business that you aren't allowed to use your own stuff???? :nono:


    had to google these things... :blink: :lol:

    not sure how legal they are in my country... soooo congratulation!!! outside the US you would probably be considered a REAL DRUG DEALER!!! :wild: :lmao:

    lettuce... sweetie... just accept it: YOU'RE A DRUG DEALER WITH A LICENSE!!! :D :lmao:

    sounds pretty awesome I must say.. :sparkle:

    why yes! you're right! that's why I was gone... :ermm: :D
    admit it... describes you well! :D :lmao:

    and yeah... I see you earning that money right.. :lol:
    made me think of you... :girl_whistle: :D

    yes yes.. I know.. I'm horrible.. -_-

    I've been busy again.. and it's to damn hot all over again :heat:

    I'll try tomorrow.. :ninja: ....hope to see ya! :pray: :D :D :D

    stepping by just to say 'Hi!' :D

    sorry.. feeling so tired all day.. so don't feel like posting tonight.. :(

    but I'll be here tomorrow (hopefully in a 'posting mood' :D) and I hope to see you.. :)

    okay.. I send you a messed up reply :D

    sorry it took me so long.. I got very sleepy so I was typing like in a trans.. :lol: (so probably half of it doesn't make sense :lmao:)

    and I'm going now.. to sleep.. :yawn: hope you don't mind?? :D

    see ya tomorrow?? :unsure:

    bye :hug:
    yes.. I'm aware of it... -_- I'm aware of everything!!! -_- :D

    okay... then talk... I'm listening.. :D :lol:
    yes... I know... move on... -_- :p

    yeah... it's one of those days when I don't feel ''chat-able'' whatsoever... and then I kinda just brush them off with a quick ''hi and bye'' :lol:
    I do pray :yes: ...I just find it funny that you pray every time I leave... :lol: like you never gonna see me again.. :ninja:

    ..and :lmao: at that pic.... even though there are times when I feel exactly like that... :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
    lol at your 'pray' smiley every time I go... :lol:

    I'l be back tomorrow.. ;)

    hello hello hello.. :D

    just stopping by to let you know that I'm about to go to sleep! :party:

    ..and you promised Franky a trip to the pool anyway.. :lol:

    so I'll see ya tomorrow!
    have fun! ;)

    bye :hug:
    okay.. have fun! :wild: I need to go to sleep anyway.. :glare:

    see ya tomorrow! and I hope I finally gonna see 'the' pic.. :lol:

    Fine!!! Then it's on!!!!!! :threaten:

    ...oh great... the shortest word... surprising.. :rolleyes2:
    then I will call you out every time and shame you in front of the whole class.... :nana:

    Y: Yemen, Yokohama, York, Yuma, Yakushima...... and so on and so on... :p

    In the 'Location thread' you keep writing 'Yugoslavia'... well Yugoslavia doesn't exist since 1991. It fell apart. It's like writing 'USSR'.. it doesn't exist anymore either..

    That's all in good intentions.. :)'s like I teach you something :D
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