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  • where you at? :search:

    I know I'm lacking again with posting.. but so much is going on right now.. :doh:

    and I'm still waiting for them pics tho.. -_-
    somehow can't catch you lately.. soon enough I'm gonna assume that you're avoiding me.. -_-

    hope to see you tomorrow! ;)

    sorry it takes me an eternity to response... you know I had a long night yesterday.. so it takes me longer then usual.. :lol:
    replay sent... and I'm going to sleep now.. so see ya tomorrow!

    I'll be there.. expecting you too! :D

    PS: mail tomorrow... didn't make it today (even if I said so :ninja:... sorry)
    late late so late
    gotta go gotta go gotta go
    sleep sleep sleep

    see ya tomorrow! bye-bye :hug:
    I'm sure there already is one.. you just have to find it.. :lol:

    yeah.. they are classics.. you just got to love them. :D

    oh my... I can't remember when was the last time I watched 'charlie brown'..... you bring me childhood memories back..:lol:
    :lol: what was that.. ''dang gone francky?? :blink: I repeat it 10 times and still can't understand.. :lmao:
    oh oh oh... gotcha gotcha gotcha!!! :wild:

    I owe you A 'thank you'! :lmao:
    I told you my english got rusty.. and you're not helping -_- I really need to go to look up the definition??? :wtf:

    I know I still haven't answered the last e-mail.. I haven't forget.. and I will answer it if not tonight, then tomorrow for sure.
    It depends how busy you keep me with other things.. :lol:
    random question: when do you use 'a' and when 'an' in a sentence? I'm always confused about that.. and probably using it wrong.. :lmao:
    here is a awesome idea: change your profile pic into a lettuce!!!!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    are you gone? :unsure: I'm going to sleep. It's late.

    I'll answer tomorrow.

    see ya :hug:

    PS: it's just a lettuce :lol: ...random.. I was bored..
    ditch that unicorn and come back!!!!!!! :rant:

    I have to go soon... it's 12:30 am over here.... heeellooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! :ciao:
    yeah but when the music plays in the background (so to say) when I'm doing something else, then I hardly pay attention to the lyrics.. :blink:

    ..and what in the living..... what... :wtf:
    homework??? :mellow: are you crazy???? :wtf:

    i'm on vacation!!!!!!!!!! :lmao:
    :scratch: ......nothing comes to my mind right now.. :mellow:

    any examples?
    are you still here? I gotta go to sleep... I took my medicine and became super sleepy.. :yawn:

    I'll be here tomorrow again... hope to see ya.. ;)

    :huggy: :huggy:
    are you still talking about 'your style'? :blink:

    ...cause it's not-existing.. :lmao:
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