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  • Aw, thanks! Happy New Year to you too, may 2010 be a better year for all of us, Best Wishes to you and lots of Love. :heart:
    Hey girl..thanks for your post's I read them and was laughing. By the way, that is my group that took the stuff to forest Lawn. I am a friend of Lisa Burks she came out and covered our event for her blog. I am the one with the ponytail talking in the video. I planned that event in Mid November. We go to FL on the 3rd of each month. Come Join us one day..
    Ah ok. Thanks for the information. I didn't know Arista is part of Sony now. I guess we'll see what happens.
    What do you mean by Asia being 2 cities? That they only would have toured in two cities in Asia? As for them releasing new material, I hope the estate doesn't go with $ony. We saw how great of a job they did with the TII CD and I have a feeling that they are going to cram a bunch of demos and tracks that Mike left off albums into CDs and release them. Not that there won't be quality stuff on it- it's Mike, of course. But I wonder how he would have done it and the same with the new material in his vault. I hope what ever record company the estate chooses, they get people who have worked with Mike before or were working with him on his new album and know him.

    I do agree with you that we have a lot more to learn about Mike. Sorry for my longwindedness :lol:
    Wow thank you for that. I didn't know that he was doing the classical album to inspire people about global warming. Mike is very special and I do agree with you that he is too good and too kind. Thank you for the information about the new MJ album. Perhaps he would have signed with Universal or Arista. He really had things planned out. I guess they might have integrated some of the new songs into the show after the album was released. I don't know how much time there would have been between each country or continent.

    Do you know anything more about the films Michael was planning on doing? I read previously that Kenny had said that they talked about doing Legs Diamond (a musical) and Thriller (3D?).
    Yes, I don't see the US shows being all in NY. Some in LA and Miami. But the MSG record is something I didn't think of; he probably would have liked to do that. Thanks for the bit from Travis; I didn't know that. We probably would have gotten new albums in then 3-5 years too. There was an article a while back saying he was working on 3 albums (one pop, one instrumental and the other type I can't remember). Perhaps he was going to release the music himself or sign to a new record label?
    Hey Sirena,

    Thanks for the information. I don't think he would have done 50 concerts in Africa, Japan, India & the U.S. (not that the demand wasn't there or AEG wouldn't want to) but I just feel he would have wanted to do less shows as time went on. When I think about all the stuff he was planning, it just makes me SMH.

    I have a quick (and perhaps a bit stupid) question. When you said "The O2 concerts was a 500 million venture for him.- in London alone," you do mean that Mike was going to make 500 million right? Would this have been paid after the shows were completed and was this the initial agreed upon amount (or did it rise as the number of concerts rose)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for giving me 'reputation' for commenting on the thread of the death of Evan Chandler... I love Lord of the Rings, and I always imagined Michael to be Aragorn. :) ***** MJJ forever *****
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