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  • Hi! :huggy:
    Oh, don't worry, I've also been quite busy lately, so I totally understand you. :)
    Haha, thank you, I love his eyes, they're so beautiful, who could resist them? :heart: Your avatar with a pic of Bad era Michael is also awesome. I'm is love with this era :)
    there reputation points, when people give you a reputation point it means they like your posts, so other people give them to you :) but to give more than one to the same person you have to share them out to everyone so its fair, to give someone a reputation point you click one of the squares at the bottom of someone's post. I hope that makes sense?! it sounds confusing but its not trust me :p
    Hi there :ciao: thanks for the friend request :D sorry if I took too long to accept it but lately with college, I barely visit the forum :no: anyway, hope you're having fun around here and OMFGG! it's always nice to find another fellow Bad era lovaah :naughty: the man was fiooooneeeee as fudge :lol: to say I'm obsessed with bad era is an understatement :blush: Well, ttyl :flowers:
    That is good. :D Do you already know what you wanna do after that? :)
    I loved math in school, LOL.
    Nice! I'm glad you like it. :yes: So you have to learn a lot? :unsure:
    I started last year too. And it's really difficult. :stars: :D
    I have a side job as cashier in a store. :) I go to university, and need some extra money. :D
    Thanks. :D ... I have to work this afternoon. :sigh: ... I hope the time will pass fast there. :D
    Oooo I just realised what you meant hahaa the first one (the blue one) is what level you are on, you go onto the next level when you get a certain amount of points. the orange one tells you how many points you are earning ( you earn points by posting :D) and the last one is your activity, how long your online for and how frequently you log in. hope this helped you :D
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