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    Merry Christmas!

    hello, oh really? i must have missed you then due to the busy-ness lol!
    yeah next time i don't look busy you should pop by and say hello :)
    were you with marc? what day was it-thursday?
    oh great, hope the interviews went well!!
    lots of love
    hey i almost forgot..
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you have/are having a great day!

    Lots of love xxx
    Hiya :)
    I'm great thanks, how about you?
    I've been so busy with reviison/exmas that I've had to have a little break from all this michaelmania!
    I'm so excited though :D
    Hey you're back early! :happy:

    Did you have a good time? The weather has been so cold/windy lately! I bet you want to go back! :p:

    Thanks :D How did you know?

    I'm going to miss our chats!
    Hope you have a safe trip. How long were you going for-2 weeks?

    I'm so jeloussss :cry:

    ooh sweet i hope you have the funnest time ever!
    make sure you save some energy for the conert though :laugh:

    arghh im so jelous, i want to go to spain!

    Hello :)

    Yeahh I did! What seats did you get?
    I spent my whole morning in my sixth form library ordering them :laugh:
    I'm going on the 28th July and have got Level 4 Row T BK 417 :/ Dunno if that's good lol. x
    Yep i got 4 tickets for the sunday july 12th show, Friday im gonna try and get a couple for the first night.

    All these show and the same set list throughout ?
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