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  • I'm also so excited I am slightly nauseous. And when I think that I will have to like cook and do laundry and stuff, I feel like it's not actually happening to me. Not that I don't do laundry at home, but there I will be alone. I don't even know how to explain how I'm feeling right now. :blink:

    The first episode or season?
    Oh my god, I am so busy. I have to start packing and buying stuff and figuring out what stuff I need to buy and all that. :sigh: And I am feeling a lot of anxiety because HOLY SHIT I'M MOVING TO ENGLAND WHAT? :lmao: So yeah, that's me. :D

    Really? How far have you watched? I watched a few episodes of season 10, but I haven't finished it.
    I've already watched Pushing daisies. :yes: Well, I have a few episodes left.

    Anyway, thanks for the list. :D
    I saw the first book at a bookstore I like. I'm going to my grandparents in a couple of weeks and I will be staying there for a month. So I'm stocking up on books and TV shows. Maybe I'll buy it and read it then. :lol:
    I like Grimm. It's kind of like Supernatural back when it wasn't boring. :lol: As for Kitchen Nightmares... well I like watching it when I'm in a bad mood because watching Grodon Ramsay yell at people makes me feel better. :lmao:

    I've heard of it. Is it good? I want to watch it as well, but I think I would prefer to read the books first.
    I don't watch TV very much, but I do hear something from time to time. I hope things get better soon. :(

    I am. :D Well, I started a new one because for some reason, I didn't feel like catching up. :scratch. I've also been reading a lot. :D
    If things are going good, why wouldn't you be fine? :p

    I'm relaxing. I'm done with school and exams and I'm just enjoying doing nothing at all. :lol:
    Yay! :clap: What job?

    More or less, everything is fine. I'm tired though.
    Oh, I'm glad you're better. :) I'm sick too. :nooo:

    What have you been up to? Besides being sick. :lol: We haven't spoken in a while.
    So they do always land on their feet. :lol:

    Today I had an exam and I had to write so much and now my whole arm hurts and I can barely use it and I need a massage. :sigh:
    I suppose if you use Dante as a guide, you can damn him up to 9 times. :rofl:
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