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  • Thought you didn't like fairytales. :p

    I like it too. :yes: Despite being so fairytale-y, it deals with very real and relatable issues. And yes, the pies do look delicious. :lol: Also, Lee Pace is just a sweetheart. :D
    The one where the team goes to that nunnery where Olive is and they solve this case of a crazy scientist nun who was killed by a pig. :rofl: And then Olive decides to come home.
    Cool. :p I think I have managed to watch one ep of Pushing Daisies since we last spoke. :lol:
    No, I don't have time. I've stopped watching almost everything. I only occasionally watch an episode. I've been reading a lot though. Somehow I feel less guilty about not studying if I read instead of watching TV. :rofl:
    They might, but in the world of television, it's always a gamble. They may get new jobs, but there is a great chance the show would not be successful. As long as Spn goes on, they have stability. And also, they get to work with their friends who they've known for years and it's just much more comfortable for them.
    :cheers: Too bad it only had 2 seasons. :( I heard they wanted to do a movie to finish off.
    Thanks. :) I started watching Pushing daisies which is very funny. :D

    Omg :lmao:
    I know, I've been meaning to watch that for ages. But I kept postponing it because I'm just not in the mood for serious stuff. :lol: I find myself wanting to watch and read fantasy and sci-fi and impossible things. I think my brain needs to be more rested for a show like Breaking Bad. So maybe in the summer when I finish with all my exams and I can finally relax.
    I love doing that. I could watch it 10 times like that. But watching it by myself when I've seen each episode at least 3 times in the past year and a half... it just doesn't work. :lol: So I needed a substitute. :D
    Thank you. :)

    Yeah, I've binge watched most of The Vampire Diaries last week. :blink: Don't ask why, it just happened, I'm not proud. :lol: I just miss Buffy. :sigh: You?
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