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  • Thank you! I'm really excited. They're so awesome. They sent me a little welcome gift. :lol: And they gave me this little card that had a Tolkien quote on it. :lol:

    When are you taking the exam?

    Nice. :D
    Oh, yes I know of this. Do you have a C1 level? I just got an English certificate. I'm not sure if they gave me C1 or C2, but I will find out soon. :lol: I have to go pick it up. :D

    What phone? I need a new one as well, but I have better things to spend my money on at the moment.

    I got accepted at the school I wanted, did I tell you?
    Ah, that's nice. Wish I could rest. I've had a week off now and I tried to rest, but I couldn't really sleep the entire week so I feel even more tired now. :sigh:

    A degree in French?
    Thanks! We missed you too. :hug: Then you should come more often again now! :D
    I'm busy learning for an oral exam atm. :yes: .
    I know you stopped watching spn, but you should watch 10x05. It's pretty awesome.
    Oh, I'm sorry. I know waiting sucks. :lol: Other than that, how have you been?
    I'm stressed, I have a lot of exams coming up these few weeks. And I'm also waiting for replies from some universities I applied to and that's stressing me too. :lol:
    Yeah, I know! :woohoo: I've seen the trailer like 3 months ago. :rofl:
    I just saw Riley in an episode of House and he's a soldier here as well. :lol:
    Unfortunately, it isn't true. :sigh:

    Yeah, I did. I liked it and I'm excited by the next one, but I think it was a bit slow paced. Still, considering this will probably be a 3 episode finale, I can understand why it's a bit more slow paced. :lol:
    Ok, I don't know if this is true, probably just a rumor (BUT DEAR LORD, I WANT OT TO BE TRUE!!!), but I read somewhere that Robert Downey Jr will star alongside Benedict in next year's Sherlock Christmas special. SHERLOCK EFFING HOLMES AND SHERLOCK EFFING HOLMES! In, guess what? A SHOW ABOUT SHERLOCK EFFING HOLMES! :rofl: I am so excited. I want this to be true.
    I think mostly the actor. He is a good actor, just not a good Doctor. But something is a bit off with the character as well. Especially in the first half of the season.
    This last episode was meh, but I am very excited by the promo for the next one. :shifty:
    I even have to resort to daily reminders because I have so much to do I forget otherwise. :sigh:
    I'm super tired and I have almost zero time. Almost everything I do that isn't work is me being a lazy bum and not doing what I should be doing. :rofl: Like right now for example. I have a ton of homework that I am actively trying to avoid doing. :lol:
    Oh. :lol: I wouldn't have liked that. :rofl:

    Well, fingers crossed then. :D

    Morning. How are you?
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