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  • School, mostly.

    How about you? Did you manage to find a new job? Or you haven't started looking yet?
    I don't have time for any new shows. I just don't. I'm watching too many as it is. :lol:
    It doesn't help me. It doesn't hinder me either. It's just there. I can't help it, it's a feeling. It's not like I can control it. :lol:

    Yeah, it is boring, but I need closure. :lol: I've been with it for too long, I need to see how it ends.
    This is one of the few things in this life to be scared of. And you don't know that I will be fine. I don't know if I can take care of myself. I don't like responsibility.

    Neither did I. :no: But I liked it more than the first one.

    Thank you very much. :hug: I can't believe I'm now considered an adult. :blink: I have the right to vote and everything. O_O
    Did you see it? DW? I liked it. It was more or less the only episode this season that felt like DW. :lol:
    I was very disappointed too. :no: The finale of last season got me very excited, but this was disappointing. :sigh:
    Yeah, I know your perspective. And I completely disagree with it. Because the whole point of watching crazy TV shows like DW is to get away for a while from the inevitable reality. :sleep: And there are things that are infinite, or close enough that it makes no difference. And imagination is one of those things. Also, your perspective is paradoxical. You love TV shows and you want to watch them, but you don't want them to be renewed. All shows would only have one season then and that would be boring because very little character depth can be added in one season and therefore, you would just be disappointed by all of them because it would be just like reading a preview of a really good book and never knowing what happens. Imagine if Buffy had never gone past season one. :nooo:

    Anyway, speaking of things that don't end, SPN came out today. :p
    Really? I thought it was poorly explained and it felt like there was a big chunk missing in the middle. The only thing that made any sense in the whole episode was Clara's reaction at the end. :lol:

    And we didn't even get a midseason finale... we always had a midseason finale until now. :mello: I don't know what happened to the show, seriously. The writers and producers are the same, so wth? It can't be all because Capaldi is just not a very suitable Doctor. :lol:
    Ok, so I randomly saw this photoset on Tumblr of an ep of spn with vampires. It's from the early seasons and this girl gets turned into a vamp without really knowing what happens and they catch her and she's super confused and they feel sorry for her. Anyway, it's Harmony! I didn't realize when I first watched it, because I hadn't seen Buffy, but it's Harmony. :lol:

    I don't actually know why I typed all that up instead of just showing you the photo. :doh:

    Really? I thought it finally got interesting. Who is Danny Pink? Also, THEY WENT TO GALLIFREY! HOW DID THEY GO TO GALLIFREY? IT'S TIME LOCKED OR SOME SHIT. And of course, the woman in heaven, although she was there from the beginning.
    Well, I had 3 theories, but one of them was disproven in the last episode. The other two one are wild guesses that are probably not true. Anyway, here they are.

    Theory 1 (disproven) That people who die for the Doctor go to that place for some reason.
    Theory 2 (which is probablly not true) That place has something to do with The Library where River is...
    Theory 3 (most likely of them all, but still shaky) It has something to do with Gallifrey.

    Or maybe it really is heaven. :lol: As for that woman, she seems to be the one who runs the place. And she knows the Doctor. Maybe she's the woman in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor's number.

    Yeah... and I also don't like the personality they've given him. It's very un-Doctory. :lol: It's almost like he doesn't care about anyone. Especially in the first episodes. I have seen several of the classic Doctors as well and all the ones I have seen had one thing in common: they were kind. They cared.

    Maybe something went wrong when they gave him the extra regenerations. :lol: Also, who is that Missy woman in "heaven"? :shifty:
    I didn't even like him in that one. :p I told you from the start he wouldn't be good as The Doctor. :sleep: I don't think he's a bad actor, he's just a bad Doctor. :lol:
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