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  • Meh. I'm upp to date now. I liked the last 3 episodes very much. But I don't really like Capaldi so far. :no:
    That's in the first episode. 2 more weeks to go. :wild:

    Also, I watched the first 2 eps of DW.
    Personally, I find technology is moving forward fast enough. If they want to spend their time and funds on fighting with each other, that's their problem. :/
    I know he wasn't, but he did aim for quality, which I have noticed a decrease in since he died. Anyway, I have never said that Apple is more advanced, but I like how it works better than Android. It has a better interface, much easier to use. And I have played with many super advanced Android and Windows phones, but in my opinion, Apple has the most responsive touch screen. Not that it matters very much though. You buy what you like and I buy what I like. :lol:

    Oct 7. :woohoo:
    I don't give a damn about their policies. I don't work for them. :sleep: But as someone who has used Apple for years, I can say they have good quality. Admittedly, it's not as good as it was when Steve jobs was still alive, but it's still, in my opinion, superior to many others.

    I told you. :p
    My phone is crap as well. I'm not even going to bother fixing it. I'll just buy an iPhone when I have money. :lol:
    Nope. :sleep: but my dad finally agreed to call. :lol: I'm meeting him now and hopefully, they will give it to us today so I can go buy it already. :pray:
    No, He was too embarrassed to. Apparently, calling is embarrassing, but going there and talking to them isn't. :sleep: Dad logic. Now they tell me I have to wait for some idiot to come from holiday. Like wth? Don't they have more than 1 employee? :rant:
    Well, I expected the people there to be assholes, but I don't understand why my dad won't call. :sleep:
    I wish I could call them. But it's not my effing card so only he can and he won't. I don't know if I'm angrier with the people at the bank or with him.
    Mine is crap as well. But I just want a new laptop. And we need a special card to buy from that place and the guys at the bank said it would be ready like, 2 weeks ago and they still haven't called and my dad won't call them to see why it's taking so long. And if he doesn't do that those jerks will keep delaying till I'm old. I'm so angry.
    I'm still not sure I'll like Capaldi's Doctor. :unsure: It feels so weird. It's the first real time regeneration I've had to go through. :lol: Cause when Nine and Ten regenerated, I already had an idea how the next one would be.
    Maybe you'll find something that has better vacations. :D

    No, I haven't. :sleep: My laptop is broken and I've been waiting for a new one for the past 2 weeks. :girl_tantrum:
    :better: That sucks. Are you going to try and find something else?

    And really? A law?
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