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  • Hey, Charis. :ciao: Here are some pics from my vacation, as I promised. :D
    We've been to the Netherlands. :yes:


    There was a sandculpture festival just a week before. :wild: One could still vote for the best one. :yes:


    So, I'm going to Austria tomorrow morning and I won't have my laptop with me, so I won't really be around very much. See you in 2 weeks. :D More or less. :lol:
    Yeah, but I do my nails so rarely that I don't really feel like paying money for them. :lol: I have one of those special brushes. But really, I suck even at doing the base coat. So stickers wouldn't do me all that much good. :lol: It looks alright though, from a distance I suppose. :D

    I'm watching Buffy. :D
    Yeah, she's really nice. :D I like her.

    Oh no. It's coming. I'm so nervous.

    Ok, so You know Drusilla's dark french manicure? I'm trying to do it on myself. My nails aren't long though, so it doesn't look the same. Also, I really suck at painting my nails. But I really love how her nails looked. I'm thinking of letting mine grow a little just to get that manicure. I will probably give up in like 3 days when my nails get a bit longer and annoy me though. :lol:
    I'm fine. I signed up for this program and there are some international trainers who came and they teach us stuff in a fun interactive way and one of them is from Athens. :lol:

    How are you?
    I know. I hate it. I am so anxious. I keep thinking I'm not going to like Capaldi as the Doctor and I just don't want to not like him. I fell like my world is going all wonky.
    Well, Vampires Suck is a parody of the first movie. It's funny, you should watch it. :D
    It would be fun if they made a parody like this like they made Vampires Suck. I swear it's worth watching Twilight just so you can watch Vampires Suck. It's funny. :D

    :rofl: We must be true survivors cause we survived both Whedon AND Moffat.
    I miss Buffy. :sigh: I want to erase it from my memory and watch it again.
    Several. :D I signed up for everything I could possibly sign up for because next summer I will have almost no time at all. And in August, I'm going to Austria.

    I have this strong feeling I won't like 12. :cry:

    :blink: Ok...

    Yesterday, we had an opera show in the square and I went and volunteered to be an extra and it was really awesome. :D I even went on stage and I was there for like 15 minutes. I didn't do much, but it was still cool. :lol:
    It's hot here as well. Though maybe not as hot as there. :lol:

    Did you see the new promos for DW?
    Sghjagfksaahgauhabgfkjahkk They just announced series 4 of Sherlock!! It's offficiallllllll! AND... wait for it :drums: :drums: We're getting 4... that's right FOUR episodes and they start filming in January 2015... which means we'll probably get the first episode, which will be a special (Christmas special?) sometime next year and I'm so happy!!!

    Omg, I must be pathetically desperate if I get excited about 4 little episodes a year and a half from now. :rofl:
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