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  • Awww that was a sweet picture you sent me :happy:

    and also you're english seems very very good :jump::happy:
    Hello! :hug: Thank you for the picture!! It is so very pretty! You are so nice to always send me pictures! Are you feeling better now? I hope so.

    Awww! well that is sweet of you:happy:

    Oh Thank You! I'm pleased you like them :D:huggy:

    Have you ever tried making some :jump:?
    Awwww no! I am sorry:hug:

    Maybe I can surprise you with it some other time :happy:

    You're Welcome :heart:

    P.s Thanks for saying Hi with that fanatstic Tinkerbell picture! :jump:
    Awww!! you're sweet!!!

    I'm so pleased that I could do that! :happy:

    Let me know when you've listened to it, I hope you like it:jump:
    Thanks so much for your message. :hug: I haven't been on in a few days... I have just been so busy. I am always so happy to hear from you and it truly brightens my day. How have you been, friend?

    Love you,
    Thank You So Much :hug:
    That is Very Kind. :happy:

    I made a little something for You.…

    :jump: >> Michael's Message: << :jump:
    awwww lol thank youuuu!! :huggy:
    i know! the NF is pure poison! sweet sweet addiction! :shifty:
    its all Michael's fault! he's the naughty one :naughty: tehehehehe

    have a lovely evening :waving:

    You are such a sweetheart, I have missed you! Happy New Year to you too! I wish you the best in life and all you do! :hug:
    I am feeling so sad today. :'(
    Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for bringing a little joy to every day of my life.

    Thank you sweetheart. And thanks for every happiness you have given me in this friendship. :flowers: :hug:

    Thanks darling for the lovely picture! :flowers: You are so kind, I just cannot thank you enough for every time we talk, you make me very happy. :hug:

    Oh ok now I get it... sorry about for the late reply because I've been busy for like in a day now. So you never have been on mjjb it's nice on there! as well I loved talking to MJ fans form around the world to see what they've been up to. :D
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