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  • :lol: We will find a new place I hope, don't worry!
    I agree with the Greek girl below me :toofunny: :hug:
    The party is not over yet! :party: :cheers:
    lol Smooth Smnth, the party is absolutely not over!!!! :party:

    Ill cu around!!!!! ;)

    PS: :hungry: :lol:
    Thanks! :wink:
    Ah, wat zielig voor dat paardje! Hopelijk knapt ze gauw weer op!
    Wow, dapper zeg dat je hebt gesprongen! Ik ben daar eerlijk gezegd niet zo'n held in! Misschien dat ik het van de zomer nog eens ga proberen! :D
    Oeps, je zal er maar afvallen zo vlak voor GOTF! Niet doen hoor! :no:
    Aaah, nog maar 8 dagen! Heb er zo'n zin in! :wild:
    Hi Samantha,

    I have a short video from me and my horse from last saturday! Perhaps you would like to see? (If not just throw this away! :lol:) Were doing our first flying changes. Wow, I think it's very diffucult to learn that. But slowly we're getting better! :D
    Here it is:

    Diana xx
    Just let me know if you want to come visit them!
    Yes I know, it's so difficult horseriding! But it's important to have fun you know! :yes:
    I've been doing competitions with my horses but I took it too far. Always training them, missing out of a lot of fun (movies, concerts), not seeing my family. I wanted to reach the highest possible goal. But after 25-06 none of that seems important to me anymore. :no: I've learned that what's important is my family and to just have fun with my horses. I just wish I could have told Michael how much I loved him in his living years... :cry:

    Oops, sorry for the sad story! I'm looking forward to the GOTF event! You too? It's gonna be so much fun! :dancin:

    Diana xx
    Hi Samantha!

    How cool that you love horses too! :D
    You should come visit someday, to see my horses! :yes:
    They are not very well-behaved though. Last year I fell off twice... :giggle:

    Diana xx
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