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  • hi smooth, you said they are planning a possible special edition of MICHAEL somewhere next year, right? do you know if there's any chance Slave To The Rhythm could be on that edition? Wouldn't that be great!

    And thanks for all the info you've shared :)
    Hi . Do you know , besides from the fake Breaking News , if theres any other fake tracks on the album ? Was the monster clip on youtube for real ??
    Also what are your thoughts on the album ?
    Hi there, thank you for sharing your info. If you find out what Sony intend to do with the album, ie are they going to take the 3 fake songs off, will you please update us? I can't bear the thought of an album with someone else singing lead vocals... As soon as I heard Breaking News it was obvious to me that it wasn't MJ, same with Monster. Thank you. x
    Hey man, what's the latest surrounding the controversy of "Breaking News"? Do you think Sony & The Estate will get together for an emergency meeting and deal with this ASAP? At 1st I thought it was MJ, just done with computers way to much. The more I listen to it, the more I believe, someone hired an imposter to finish a song that probably was was no where near done.
    My thoughts on Breaking News: Sad to say but if there are any MJ vocals on it, they are background and not very identifiable. The majority of the song is sung by an impostor and is fake. So sad to hear.
    hey smooth just want to thank you for all the info you given us about the new album, how big you do u tink it would be?
    The album will not be coming out nov 22nd as far as I know. As I reported weeks ago, it's been delayed slightly. It IS however still expected out this year with more information coming this week. (My bets are on tomorrow). A conference call was made today between the estate and Sony regarding the project. Immediately after, MJ World added a message from Sony stating that more exciting news is coming soon. I have received no official date from my source on the new album release date, but reading in between the lines would make me put high odds on Nov 29th/30th.
    u can tell me anything u get your hands on. I love hearing all the news. Just give it to select people.
    Just wanted to join the others thanking you for all the info, I'm impressed that you still bother to do it after getting so much crap from all the crazy internet people.
    Thank you so much for sharing your insiders information. I look forward to learning more as the release date nears.

    One question. Do you know if the estate knows that Oxman/Joe accuse them to sell MJ's items at the auction on June ? Do they plan something against them ?
    lol i was supposed to say that you're great on the rep i just gave you but i accidentally hit the enter button.. so thanks for keeping us updated on the new album stuff.. mch appreciated :)
    I do not know whether is going to release the songs. I do know that Sony has been asking him for them, and if they get them, the songs will appear on the new album. However this is unlikely since Will has publicly stated that the songs will not be released.
    Thanks for all the info man really appreciate it , you know if is gonna release those songs?
    hi . just wanna say thanks for all of the info you are giving us . u dont have to , but u are , and i appreciate that ...
    do u have any idea when we will hear the first single , or when sony are releasing any other announcements regarding the album ?

    thanks again
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