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    The Other T.I.I Tour Costumes. (+ sketches)

    I loooove these outfits! Great style, like many other MJ's outfits (if not all of them really). I like the sketches as well. Thanks for posting!
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    MJ Dolls That Look Exactly Like Him!

    I usually don't like MJ dolls so much because his face is often not so well done. But these dolls... I love them! They're amazing, really! So great to see that! Plus, there are different eras, which is even better! I like his clothes as well :D She really nailed it.
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    What are you doing this very second?

    MJsBollywoodGirl7, indeed, it's going to be a sad day. Well, I'm only glad we can also celebrate his birth date on the 29th August, and we'll have a chance to make that day a happy day :) I know it doesn't take the sadness off of the 25th June, but it's important that we keep some happy memories...
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Where I am, it's hot as hell, I guess I got a little sunburnt today :rolleyes: but it's nice to see the sun! I saw a very, very close friend of mine, who came back here after her studies (she was far away from here) and we know each other since we're very young, it was great to have a walk with...
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    HIStory Album Anniversary Poll :DDD

    Sooo hard to choose between all these songs! I had to make a choice but really, I have several favorites. It's interesting to make polls like that! :D I chose "2 bad" because the way MJ sings in this one gives me a lot of energy! Like, you feel ready for any challenge you have to face, any...
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    Even Though You're Gone

    Shame on me :D I didn't know this song; I'm so glad you made me discover it so thank you NuTNC! :) It's a very sweet song, and MJ's smile is adorable, as always. I think I'm going to listen to it a couple times!
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    Documentary; The Michael Jackson Trial : One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History

    Yest indeed TJ is great! I enjoy reading his tweets, he's very funny! And Charles Thomson did an amazing job at writing this article. I'm grateful to those people who still fight to preserve MJ's memory :)
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    Documentary; The Michael Jackson Trial : One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History

    Thank you for this documentary. I just watched it; it's very interesting to understand how the media did this. It's just unfair to see how they treated MJ. I mean, yes, we all know most of them just didn't respect him, but the way they followed the trial is outrageous. It's kind of sad to watch...
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    Post picture(s) of Michael in your birth-year

    :heart::heart: 1995 :) :love:
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    Events For June

    Hi! I wondered, for the ribbon project, is it okay if one doesn't see one's face? Will you do a collage with only hands of MJ fans with ribbons and bracelets, or do you need people's face? Thanks for this kind project, Sneha! :)
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    I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    All your posts about lupus are very interesting to me. I wasn't aware that he had lupus, and that lupus could have such effects on people. Thank you for all your articles, even if it's sad to learn he had this disease, it allows us to understand him better.
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    MJJCommunity Announcements and Feedback

    Mikky Dee!! This is amazing, what a fantastic job! Thank you so, so much you must have spent hours on this! The card is beautiful, I love the pics you took in front the sunflowers, great! Oh and you used the number seven everywhere on the card thanks to the staples! Smooth ;-) I love the...
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    Michael Jackson Estate Slams ABC TV Special on MJ's "Last Days"

    Alright, I just watched it, and I have very mixed feelings about this documentary. It was interesting because we get to see some new things, but... Ok I'll try not to say it to harshly: eventually, when the main topic of a documentary is a dead person, you can't go on and on about them: at a...
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    MJJCommunity Announcements and Feedback

    Thank you for your reply! :) I just PMed you my two messages, thank you for making it possible, this is a nice project, I really appreciate!
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    MJJCommunity Announcements and Feedback

    Hi Mikky Dee, today I saw your post about the two projects for June the 25th; Since I'm a new member, I can't PM you my letter and the little message I wanted to put on the card. Is it possible to forward you, by another way, these two messages before it's too late? (So if I got it right: if I...