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  • wow you had to cut it??oww was this before or after your jerry curl??haha I wouldn't blame you for wanting a jerry curl, after seeing MJ with one, its tempting!!:D hahah glad i didn't either!!:D Your have pretty hair too from what i saw of the pictures you posted :D :yes.. ouch it burned??wow
    dont worry i was gonna get a jerry curl too because since i had the same type of hair as MJ it would work..thank god i didn't. Thise chemicals could tear up my hair because i put relaxers in my hair, so in order to get a jerry curl i would have to shave my hair off and let it grow back again..wow thank god i didn't get one. :)
    OMG wow....so did you try to hide it?????ekk. did you use the chemicals for the jerry curl or did you use somethingelse???Man that sucks that the Jerry curl was horrendous!!!
    :eek: wow..really?omg getting the jerry curl didn't damage your hair did it??lol how did you get your like that?..yeah I :wub: MJ's jerry curl too :D..it looks good on him :yes:
    :lol: Thx Gaby. I understood 'hola' and 'un buen dia' :lol: Pretty good. for me at least.
    No, you're a great french student :D French is an hard language :yes:
    Happy to have a friend on MJJC who can speak french!! :D
    Hey there! :D I'm ok :) Why you don't like your holidays?? :( Mine will really start in 2 weeks 'cause now I'm still working! But, it's ok, I like my job! :D
    Seeya around :bye:
    Aw, thank you Snow White. :) You are also beautiful! I guess we have to wait a little bit until our prince charming find us... Maybe the time hasn't come yet, but I'm sure we'll find our way and be just ok. :)

    Hope you're having a good day!
    Thank you. Yes it was nice talking to you also. I was suppose to go to bed like 10mins ago lol, I'm really going now :lol:
    Lol thank God, hopefully we wont have to either hopefully the perfect guy will fall into our laps. unfortunately there is only one Michael Jackson so I guess thats out the question unless hes a secret triplet :p :lol:
    No we'll be alright
    Anway its late here so I g2g Goodnight!
    You wouldnt believe the amount of people that have told her that, she been with him like five years. They're always on and off but she just wont listen. Sometime the boy would sleep with her then ignore her for days. And thats a so called relationship wow.
    Que bueno que Kristoff hablo bien del disco y no dijo una de las idioteces que esta acostumbrado a decir :D
    Exactly were still young lol. Relationships bring nothing but trouble/stress. OMDZ one of my friends its like shes trapped in the relationship from hell. The guy has cheated on her so many times got another girl pregnant etc.
    Like my older friends told me "no boyfriend NO PROBLEM" lol
    I remember having a crush on this guy for like foreverrrrrrrrrr lol. I swear he knew and was playing mind games with me. Or my mind was playing games with me and making me think he was lol.
    Its weird its like I attract guys that I wouldnt want anymore than to be friends with. And the guys I like find someone else. dont seem interested and I'm just toooooooooooo shy to ever tell I guy I like them anyway.
    mmm es cierto...
    El no ha sido nunca muy directo en cuanto a sexo en su musica, con la excepcion de Superfly Sister, talvez si podria ser, aunque eso solo Michael lo sabe de forma cierta.
    Lastima que me lo perdi... no me hubiera imaginado ese significado, quien sabe si realmente eso quiso Mike dar a entender o si este señor de Rolling Stone esta alucinando cosas.
    Yeah same to you. I was going to post in you thread but I was a bit shy lol. Yeah I'm I get how you feel. Not about loving MJ but relationships
    I know how you feel. The holidays can be so dead sometimes. Mine will be over soon though round the end or August or beginning of September. But then again once they're gone I'll be complaining again that I want them back lol
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