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  • Thank you :hug:
    I know something about French cuz I was "learning" for three years and I learnt NOTHING. really. I'm really surprised. And maybe it's one reason why I'm a bit scared. But also I know if I want to learn I will do it :yes:
    yeah :lol: I know world is not that bad, but sometimes I focus on bad things too much.

    btw. I'm starting learning Spanish in September :D I'm a bit scared it'll be too difficult for me.
    you know, I could say we're in the same situation. I don't know much about love also. I know about being in love. It's a feeling, but loving someone...for me it's about caring about someone, helping etc. I don't know much about it. Feelings pass, but I'd like to love someone, but too bad it's not that simple.

    Oh..sorry. Lately I think no-one wants to listen what I want to say. I feel I'm boring. Dunno why :unsure: And I'm not in this age...sometimes I think it sounds like a crap, even more when it says almost 16-year-old girl :ninja:
    Its going good Gaby!!!how about you?omg i just sent you a pm..aND u sent me a pro. messge lol..how funny.:)
    Mi hermano tambien me dijo q lo habia visto enun anuncio...lastima
    Como mi hermano y mi hermana tambienson fans acampamos frente al televisor..jaja ni modo.
    hi since you dont allow private messages i write here whre did you get these wonderfull animations of mj and strange rin moscow can you send me a few maybe we cdan trade have lots myself too
    Yeah I know..this whole thing is making me disgusted. why stage this video?I am not buying it for one second, It would have been on celeb news already..its not on TMZ.com, PErez hilton, etc... so its most likely fake?
    I am sorry but at first I thought they were real, but it seems like its fake now!!! And grrrrrrr for whoever did this.. sorry IMO it looks fake!!!I feel punked :(
    lol no we don't believe whatever the media says, because they are LIARS..hehehe :) did ya find mj being a big ol flirt...
    omg gaby,you should go to General discussion board and go to "did MJ find love in the dark?" its a good thread, love it..
    Thanks it alright now, theyre are worse losses and we plan to get a cat so mixing felines with rodents can be a bad idea anyway
    Thanks lol its alright now she died earlier this year, although she was the cutest thing in the world, I'll never forget her, she had a gorgeous Mink and white coat.
    But anyway you Ham is cute how old is he/she
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