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  • aww..yes...thats true . eyes that mezmorise ?.:heart:
    your so welcome , i love to share what i see on the thread .:huggy: quite honestly. the pic had me speechless for a bit lol
    awww.:huggy: a field of beauty:heart:.:better:..ty for it.ty so much princess.bles your kind heart ...lots and lots and lots of huggs ..and strength sparkles..dreams ..magic..hope for a lovely week ahead.
    :eating: :popcorn: ...oooh ..do the smileys come out :unsure:..lol...yes this forum is great ....,i hope your alright .:flowers:
    awww..kinda .stressed ....sad?:( sounds a bit like me too snow white, :no: are you ok?...i hope your okay sweetheart. big mashooooooovive huggs to you, talk to me anytime ok ? :better: :choclate: x
    aw...;flowers:thanx you so so ,so,so much for wanting to visit my um...purple thread ..:lol: and ty very much snowhite, for the sweet rep, yes...i owe i kno lol...im on a nb. so it doesnt allow me to do much, however ..snowwhite ,hunny i will give you rep soon as i can be able to ... how are you these days? x,
    Snow White, you just have to change your point of view- because YOU were the lucky one who saw the magic, where others didn't see it. Their loss...
    :lol: That's ok, don't worry about it. ;) We all have these moments.
    oh I love learning new languages. Its fun. =) And Spanish is not that hard but I need to focus right now on my French which I understand very well, I just want to be able to speak it fluently..lol but I prefer to speak English with my french family. lol cant learn well like that. :D English is more fun to talk. :)
    Que tenga un buen dia! :huggy:
    aww you don't have to feel embarrassed that you don't understand Hebrew (the language that we speak in Israel). :lol: that's fine..lol My Spanish is not perfect at all haha I just understand many words and now I'm practicing my spanish with my Argentinean relatives, not easy..:D
    I live in Israel if you ever heard of that country. :lol: its 6 minutes after midnight here.
    lol Thanks again..I mean gracias. ;)
    Hello Gaby! :D
    aww its so sweet and kind of you. Thank you so much.
    Well, I don't live in the UK but its still evening here (well in fact, its almost midnight here lol)..I think we are 2 hours ahead them :lol:
    I assume its morning or noon where you live so I'm wishing you a wonderful day! :hug: thanks again.
    Hey, you're welcome! :D :hug:
    You are kind too. :heart: Sure we will be good friends. ;)
    Nice to meet you, Gaby. I'm Dafna. :)
    Have a wonderful day! (here its already evening lol)
    Hey Gaby!!! aww why are you sad hun?? :( I know what you mean im very very very sad right now as well! :( im hurt.
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