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  • Oh, ok then, that's quite the relief. It's both funny and true what you say - pleeeeenty of bees were attrated to Michael's honey; although their race matters very little to me.

    Just so you know, u are actually 'talkin' to one of them bunnies btw, although I've never really thought in terms of color. After all, that's the very essence of BOW, right? ;)

    *1 piece of o_O ❄️🐰 out*​
    Great thread you opened the other day - about stand-out song post 6/25, thank you.

    Interesting username you got. I have admit though, I find the snow and bunny part quite endearing, but I'm not equally sure about the ending 😄 Anyways, thanks again!
    Snowbunny Sorcerer
    Thanks! Its supposed to be a little sarcasm regarding MJ, since he was a blk guy that had alot and I mean alot of white girls more so than even many white male performers as fans.
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