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    I’ve had it with the estate!!!

    Because several people working on the project said it was not MJ - but they chose to ignore that. Moreover, they have had 11 years to correct their mistake and simply refused to do so. Those crap songs are still available for sale and up on streaming platforms. If they genuinely cared about...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Someone has way too much time on their hands.
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    This Is It Setlist

    But why do you assume the vote was not taken into account? The fact that RTT didn't make the cut, doesn't mean that it was not considered. Perhaps it was, and MJ and the crew decided it would be too difficult to replicate in a live setting? And why couldn't he pick a lower-ranking track like...
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    This Is It Setlist

    To be fair, it was never suggested that fans would actually choose the setlist, in the way some other acts have (where they literally just play the songs with the most votes). Here's the text from the original e-mail that sent out in 2009: I don't think anyone at the...
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    This Is It Setlist

    Can you provide proof of this? I remember reading the contract when it became available, but do not remember seeing this. This is nonsense, because the fan vote was announced on March 20, 2009 (I still have the old e-mail), while tickets had immediately sold out on March 13. I looked up an old...
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    Thousands of new MJ songs - made by us fans and AI?

    Personally, I don't mind if this is something fans play around with. It can be interesting to hear the results and see what is technologically possible. But I definitely would not want this to be done in any official capacity, as Yamaha apparently did with Hibari Misora. That feels disrespectful...
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    Is it just me, or is there something about these shows that makes them feel incredibly dated? I don't know if it's the guest performers or what, but they are much less timeless than his other concerts. Overall, I am not a big fan of these shows. MJ was just not in a good place, unfortunately...
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    This Is It Setlist

    In one of the TII extras (if I recall, it was not on the blu-ray but available somewhere digitally), Michael Bearden said that MJ would actually regularly look at the fan vote and would take it into account when working on the setlist. I also remember seeing (probably in the same featurette) a...
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    The small moments you love

    Pretty sure it's Siedah. That performance was great and indeed, those vocals were fantastic. Reading your post the ad-libs he does at the end of MITM in TII immediately came to mind too. The performance of the song fizzles out a bit (it was of course just a rehearsal), but those high notes he...
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    Martin Bashir playing with Michael? :/

    Indeed. Even though the Take 2 special - which drew high ratings - came with several receipts, they largely just ignored all of it.
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    Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Personally I do agree with Michael's take here. I mean, I think he was a funny guy in his own way, but not the type of person to be a show host. In fact, 90% of the times when celebrities do this it's painfully cringeworthy to watch. Moreover, MJ was an old school entertainer. In the Schmuley...
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    Best MJ remix

    If we're talking remixes that sound different to the album version, then I think the Tag Team remix of YRMW tops the list. The production is pretty cheesy, but they took the song in a totally different direction and made it work (the pre-chorus is great).
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    Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    They inserted a similar break towards the end of Jam during the '93 leg of the Dangerous Tour, which had not been there in '92. They kept that in for Brunei too, and it was rehearsed that way for This Is It as well.
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    “We took Sony 50 songs, and this [I Never Heard aka This Is It] was the best of all of them."

    I agree. In contrast to This Is It/I Never Heard it was actually one of the last songs he worked on, and the ethereal "we are forever/I am forever" coda would have made for a crushing but fitting, bittersweet ending to the film. To me the song is a lot stronger too.