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    Rare Pictures Thread

    Re: Some picture I never seen before. Iv never seen this one before, i just randomly saw it on photobucket!
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    Macro Jacksons (LOLGraphics) *mature language*

    Yayy, ima read it right now, thanks!
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    Macro Jacksons (LOLGraphics) *mature language*

    oooo can i have the story too, pleaaassee? Im dying to hear it now! XX
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    "Let's play with all songs"

    remember the time. Mj
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    Let's Count!

    Re: How High Can we Count? 7168..
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    DISCUSSION: Possible Tracks On 2nd CD "This Is It"

    I probaly wont buy the album either. Il just download the new stuff.. Dont need another album of old songs, thank you very much.
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    *UPDATE* True Setlist of This Is It the Movie (*spoilers* plz avoid this thread as much as possible)

    Re: True Setlist of This Is It the Movie OMG im gunna be crying when he sings speechless, i cry when i listen to the normal song let alone seeing him perform it. And man in the mirror will get me too. :(
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    Chamone Mo' Fo' Selecta

    lol i love leigh francis!
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    Judy Garland

    Wow, thats cool. And its sad more people dont appreciate the older stuff. I love julie andrews, especially in The sound of music. My favourite film of ALL time. I watch it almost every other day!!
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    Judy Garland

    Aw im really glad you watch them and liked them. Really. It brought a smile to my face :) I love that you have never really heard anything else with her and now you have.... I have achieved what i wanted to with this thread. To show people judy garland and not just 'dorothy' And even if its just...
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    Michael Jackson and Judy Garland, 40 years later, nothing's changed

    OMG i never realised that before, michael DID get the lean from the wizard of oz. Lol iv seen that film so many times and i never made the connection to michael Lol!
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    Judy Garland

    I recently was reading through the thread that discusses, michael with judy. And thought i should make a whole thread for Judy. And hope that some of you guys who have only ever seen her as 'dorothy' could possibly discover a little more about her. She was so emotional in her songs, So honest...
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    Michael Jackson and Judy Garland, 40 years later, nothing's changed

    I love wizard of oz, but shes soooo much more than just 'wizard of oz'.... Watch the clip of 'the man that got away' THAT shows her amazing talent. And i too have noticed the parrallels between both lives, since i am a big fan of both, its hard for me to not notice. But on a lighter note, i...