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  • Hey! It was great meeting you too! I love chatting about Michael, I could talk about him all day! Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next fan gathering. Keep Michaeling and loving all things MJ, L.O.V.E Suzie x
    Saw your signature and the tears just are streaming down my face... it's so beautiful, so true, so sad.
    Much L.:heart:.V.E. for you!
    Hey :)
    Yeah okay, sounds good if you guys don't have a problem with that, let me know how much it comes out as :)
    Hope you're well :)
    Hello! Hope all is well with you Soph. I am missing the UK like mad as well as all my MJJC family :)

    Hope to be back son for a visit in the very least. Speak soon. Ben
    Yeah I was so looking forward to coming home from school early to watch it, when it hadn't even arrived.
    HMV is a good option as well, I won't be trusting Amazon with pre-orders again.
    Hope it arrives tomorrow :)
    Hey :)
    Looks like we are in the same boat waiting for Amazon to deliver us 'Vision' :lol:
    After long consideration l dont think there is any need of having the 2300 Jacksonstreet. Some of the jacksons members have tarnished MJ has a druggie. Its unfair we have to promote the likes of janet jackson show at the view or Rebbie performing in Africa. Thats like chasing after a dogs tail there action speaks louder than words. Its morever a mjjcommunity and not a jacksoncommunity. Its all for LOVE right?
    Guys please check the last comment l wrote on LMP am so sick of tired of Lisa Marie but she is the one who will get be me banned buts its all for love. I cant take it anymore
    omg hi there i saw your post! i'm from Bournemouth to :) i never go on here i use another forum called MJFC i've been searching for Bournemouth fans for ages! i'm sarah by the way :)xxxxxx
    Totally! Man that would be so relaxing and fun :) You must take loads of pics in Paris okay?! :D Oh and at least one of them must have you with your hair wet and your glasses too :fear: I mean... what? :mello:
    Aww you guys are going to have so much fun :( If only it was next year, I'd be able to afford it :(
    None, as usual :p 'Cuz I'm like the most boring person ever ;) I do need school supplies and new clothes though. How about you? How was work today too? :)
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