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  • Exaaaaactly ;) Good, innocent Sophie I think not :fear:

    You know you love it when your lips embwace Sophie, you should be thanking me :p But no I'm sorry, that was cruel ;)
    Me too, I'm so worried I'm going to fall asleep past my stop or somebody'll mug me :p But sometimes I can't help it, I'm always tired (and cold lol) :lol: And man you really like Ghosts don't you? :p "You are trying to scare me! Then I guess I have no choice..." Michael says do ittttt! :)
    Yup, it does, you should do that look more often ;) And lol! We should get her some ones without prescription for her birthday or something :p So did you have a safe ride home? Anything interesting? :p :)
    Yeah definitely was :) And yeah we were just deep in conversation it zoomed past :p Do you remember being complimented on your glasses? :p But yeah, after Thorpe Park it was like zzz... :p :)
    Ohh don't worry about it I had fun, it was cool :) Seeing as I'd only seen you like... twice before then it was the whole night :lol:
    And no ;) I'll keep you updated :p :)
    Lorraine did it for me. I will be more careful in future about dispensing rep.!:D

    I also don't want to bother you guys too much because you have a demanding job managing all the disparate personalities on the board. I appreciate all your efforts.:)
    Thanks hun, I would have done it.. I wasn't being lazy :lol:
    but just wanted to give you the heads up on it.

    yeah been soooo hard! One of the hardest things i've ever had to do. I am finding it hard.. have to keep myself occupied whenever I get a craving. Hope it doesn't last for long coz I could easily give in. :mello:
    Thank you! I know.. Amazingly gorgeous! :heart:

    Hope you are well too hun xx

    I think I sent a PM at the exact time you sent this :lol:
    Not sure yet.. spent too much over the weekend LOL

    I love Thorpe park too... That would be a wicked thing to do for a meet up! :wild: not for anything... just for a fun day out :D
    Hey, Yeah it was actually ok LOL! took all of 3 tugs and it was out.. didn't feel a thing. Just the thought of it more than anything makes me scared. Had a good weekend ta! Went to Chessington with the kiddos yesterday :wild:

    Hope all is ok with you :hug:
    Someone replied that it has nothing to do with being 'real' fans (obv replying to my post) and I'm like think those people that go there to have fun and take funny pictures and talk loudly are FANS? Fans who respect Michael? Puh lease.
    Some people seriously make me wonder if they are fans. Seriously. I wish these morons would just become fans of....I dunno. Someone else. lol
    Wait....a protest in London. About the FL thing or about the courtcase? Either way wearing a MONKEY suit is just retarded. Ha, I'm typing this and there's a commercial for This Is It on tv. Ooohhh the irony. Maybe Michael agrees. lol
    You're welcome hun!!! It just pisses me off to know that some people possibly ruined it for the other fans. I mean, seriously. It's a fucking cemetary. What IDIOT plays music at a cemetary????? I wonder if those people are even fans. I keep seeing so many unfamiliar faces on pictures and I am like: what are these people doing there? Leave him alone, lol. I know that's wrong.....but it just makes me feel a bit weird knowing any idiot can just go there and 'be' near Michael. Blaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
    Thankyouuu! I did have a fab time! :D Yay, give me a call whenever, will be good to talk! :hug: Love ya! xxxxx
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