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  • Owww I wanna win! Even got tempted to buy a scratchcard the other day! I'm really getting desperate lol! xxxxxxx
    We so should! I would love that soooo much! Imagine how awesome it would be?! :wild: xxxxx
    I know ideally I would be in London too! :( So expensive though. Eugh boys, who would want to live with one of those! :lol: xxxxx
    I love it here! It's so nice in Birmingham! I'm a city girl so it's exactly what I wanted! :D Living with my brother is good! He drives me mad but luckily he's at his girlfriends house most of the time so I manage to escape! :lol: I shouldn't complain though, he's good to me! How's things with you?xxxx
    Of course of course! My mind is actually that simple! :lol: Be a damn good party though. :D xxxxxxx
    Eugh I know, I'm hoping uni will pull through for us one day! Maybe when the recession is finally over lol. Thankyou! I've got everything crossed too! I'll be having a party when I do finally get something. :lol: xxxxx
    It's an office job, like admin sort of thing I think? It's pretty good money though. So hoping I get it, would solve a lot of problems for me!xxx
    Haha yeah, such a good weekend! :D Aw I know, I'm so poor at the moment though it's not even funny. :mello: Got a job interview tomorrow, cross your fingers and toes for me! LOL xxxxx
    LMAO! I was telling Nick about that on Saturday and laughing about it! :lol: It doesn't seem that long ago at all! :eek: xxx
    Oh that's great, in that case...welcomeeeee hun! SO glad to have you on board.
    We totally needed some good people like you with us. :D Really cool!
    I'm doing okay, could be better but ah well...thanks for asking! Take care!
    Hey Sophie! I only just noticed you're part of the Legacy Project too...were you already or did your recently became that? Can't remember if you already were there, stupid! :blush:
    Anyway, hope you're doing okay girl! :huggy:
    Me's unbelievable.
    I want him back too...gosh I just literally don't know what to say.

    Oh my're so right. :( It just makes me so sad. The kindest, gentlest, most amazing human being has been killed, and his killer is getting special treatment. It's like another kick in the stomach. I wanna go back to June and drag Michael away from all the crap or something. I just can't bear what we're going through right now. Too much. xxxxx
    Yeah, I'm hopeful about the job but still looking for something else at the same time. I'm leaving my job in Norfolk next week and moving up to Birmingham next Saturday! So, a fresh start at last. Good luck with the jobs you've applied for. :hug: Degree's don't mean much at the moment, the way things are...maybe in the future it'll help, lol.

    This Murray stuff is so bad...I'm not sure how much longer I can take the false advancements. It's just so frustrating! :( Crappy. xxxxxx
    Hey! I'm doing ok, how are you? Not liking all this Murray stuff. :( I got through the first interview, and I've got to have another one in the next few weeks. They got the figures back or something and they weren't what they expected so they've put off taking people on for a few more weeks. But she says I'll definitely have the it's a wait and see game! How are you? Any news?xxxx
    Thankyou, me too. I miss himmmm! Ahhh. :( I have to go out now but I will be back online later to get excited about tomorrow! :D xxxx
    I's gonna break my bank. The straw that broke the camels back! :lol: Eugh, nevermind will worry about that later. It's gonna be awesome! :D
    :lol: Yeah that's true. Or trying to explain the complete randomness of the whole thing!
    :toofunny: OMG sounds about right! Kinda mad at myself for not touching them now! They wouldn't have been washed right? :shifty:
    Haha, yeah me and James would probably like to go to the exhibition, lmao!
    Moonwalker. :wub: Sounds like a plan!
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