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  • Haha, aw bless him! I was fixed on the gold pants and the RTT outfit! :wub: A-MAZING! Wow I didn't know it had been extended! Interesting...might have to take James at some point then! :D Enjoy the time off! Watch Michael vids! :ninja:
    Ah I know! I have work Wed, Thurs Fri this week. I just know it's gonna drag so bad! :bugeyed
    Ugh me too! Which reminds me, I should be jobhunting now! LOL. I really should get up and have a shower as well. :ninja: Oops!
    Ah man, that is not good! Maybe this is our year to finally get decent jobs! Yeah, maybe I'll have to watch some short films too :shifty: Think I'll start with TDCAU. Yummy!
    Tut, you could never look like shit! I need inspiration too! I definitely wanna Michael it up though. I know what you mean about cars, I remember my ex boyfriend once had to spend about £400 getting it fixed! :bugeyed Not good!xxx
    My main concern is looking like shite because I'm so tired! :toofunny: I will definitely need Starbucks that morning...Ugh, at least you have a car! I'm way too poor for that kind of luxury! :lol: I don't know what to wear for the afterparty, will have to give it some serious thought!xxx
    Yay, sounds soooo good! :p Yes she did, that's gonna be one heck of an early morning I tell ya! I'm so excited though, it's gonna be sooooo good! :Dxxxx
    Aw! Have you seen the animation of it? I love it. I havent seen the footage though. Is it on the dvd?
    I just saw your siggy popping up, my gawd!:eek: Where is that from? One of those new TII clips?
    See you on the 23rd! :)
    Hey Sophie

    Just popped by to say best of luck with your job interview on Friday - I hope it all goes well for you.
    See you on the 23rd - can't wait.
    Susie x
    Noooo I don't like it at all! I got sick of all the name changes people were asking for so I said 'could you change my name to Fudge please? KIDDING' .....but one of the most apparently didn't read well and changed my name......sigh.

    I want my name back.....I've been Dutchie for over 10 years!
    Haha nooooo I love my Uggs. I think they're so cute! :wub: Tut, I would not be happy with them, lol!
    Or your Ugg boots get ruined! Not happy! Eugh, yeah serious saving or a better paid job lol. That should do it! I also love orange ones! I'm a soft centre girl! :lol:
    Me too...serious cashflow problems over here atm! Coming down to London is gonna break the bank as it is! :bugeyed
    Haha, you can defo have the toffee pennys! I love the purple ones though. :wub:
    How much snow do you have there? It's insane here!xx
    LOL...I didn't until you asked! Now I really want some, a box of Quality Street would be amazing right now! I think I'm gonna get one, I really want one but money is so tight at the moment. :( I'm not sure yet, need to check my bank balance lmao! Are you getting one?x
    :lol: That would be soooo funny!
    Really? Wow, seems like it's gonna be well busy! Ahh I'm off to bed now, hoping I dream of Michael. :lol: :shifty:
    Night hun xxxx
    :toofunny: That would make for some interesting photo's! LMAO, I can just see it now.
    Haha, I'll bring Tangfastics! :D Michael would defo approve!
    I think I'd like the Michael ice cream from PHM as well. :ninja:
    Ooooh you're so sweet! Thank you :hug:
    Hey! You are most welcome. I added you to my friends' list, I hope you don't mind :) I was cleaning out the list to make sure there's people on there who I appreciate and whose posts I love and you're definitely one of them :yes:

    I am doing fine, and thank you for the compliment about my interviews :)
    I feel the exact same way.
    I always new he would be.
    He wouldnt be be any other.
    And like he was as an artist,that star stands out on its own not only because its the brightest but because there is not any around it and as with him,no one was never near him because he ws such a massive talent.
    Im doing fine thanks hun,Ive had a cold and Im abit hung over after last night but other then that Im fine thank you.
    How are you doing babe?
    Did yu have a good new year?
    I noticed what you put in your siggy message and its exactley the same as what I put in one of my tributes to Michael but I phrased it ever so slightley different.
    I put it as the following:

    Michael your were the brightest star on earth
    now you are the brightest star in the sky.
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