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  • Haha I didn't even realise you were drunk! :lol: I wasn't even drunk lol, just crazy! :p Eastenders just gets worse! So over the top! LOL!xxx
    Oh I know! I swear someone dies every xmas in EastEnders! I think we all knocked it back that night, didn't we drink two bottles of wine between us three in like half an hour?! My friend saw the photos and when we had the group ones at the end he just said to me 'god the whole lot of you look hammered.' Amazing night though, how does Michael have this power over me that makes me spend so much money on him!
    :toofunny: Are you surprised? I drank enough to cripple a horse that night!! Yay, it's gonna be so awesome! I'm half watching coronation street now, and yes it's kinda depressing but you gotta love it!xxxx
    Haha, me too! Lets just say we love each other a whole lot! :D Yay, me too it's gonna be so awesome! I haven't got long to be online right now but when I get time I'll look at the hotel you sent me and also see what I can find! :D xxxx
    Hey honey! Thankyou for your messages! christmas feels weird without our man, and blah. Thinking of the children and praying for them too. But, even so making the best of it all and having a merry day. I love you guys, you're all so awesome.
    Sending so many hugs and so much love your way today.
    Stacey xxxx
    Hey hunny,

    "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves."

    Wishing you a fruitful Christmas with your loved ones~~

    ~Merry Christmas~

    With L.O.V.E.
    Ori [img]
    Hi Hun.
    Isnt the exhibition AMAZING?
    I started to cry when I saw the Neverland sign.
    The whole exhibition is too amazing for words.
    Anyway as for the Gold trousers of course its there,I wasnt going to lie about something that good LOL.
    He was just too big and they couldnt handle it so they had no choice but to bust open.
    Anyway hun how have you been?
    Hi babe.
    It was great talking to you too.
    Glad you liked my poem.
    You know you can call me anytime,Im always here for you.
    Take care hun.
    Big love and kisses
    Hey Hun.
    Disney World was AMAZING.
    I did everything.
    I partyed with Mickey,had breakfast with Winnie the pooh,Piglet,Tigger and Eeyore and so much more.
    If its any consilation,it rained over there too but even when it rained it was still really hot.
    Im of to California next year thanks to the free flight given to us by Virgin Atlantic so I will be going to the first ever Disneyland.
    Ive heard that they are bringing back Captain EO so hopefully it will be there when i go.
    So how have you been sweetie?
    Oh,BTW,Did I mention this was my 5th visit to Disney World?
    Sorry to cut the conversation short but It's 2 am here and my eyes are starting to get blurry so I'm going to go hop into bed.
    :huggy: thanks for the wonderful conversation!
    :waving: Talk to you later.
    Yes we do:) Michael has made us strong though and he has left us with his music and his message so we can spread both around the world.
    Yes it still hurts. When I see pictures of him, or videos of him being himself or performing it's like he never left but when seeing tributes it just hurts. I know he's still with us spiritually but I really wish he was able to be here physically.
    At least you got to do that though. I know it's unfair that he's not here anymore. I really wish he was, just seeing the movie broke my heart. Just seeing what he had planned for us, and that was just rehearsal, imagine what the show would have been like. :( I miss him too, so much.
    Some days I can handle it but when I see tributes of him going up it just reminds you of what happened. I know I'm a new fan but it still hurts to see things like that.
    Oh man as soon as you said you saw it at the O2 I felt tears forming :(
    That would have been hard!
    Well when I first got to the theater I was surprised that it was basically deserted. Reno, Nevada is just full of a bunch of haters I supposed :doh:
    I want to go see it again, sooo bad! I just don't have the money and would rather put the money towards the DVD.
    My heart was racing when I was driving up to the theater. I actually went in and saw the last half of the movie before seeing the whole thing since the people at the theater told us to just go in. I couldn't really have any reactions to it because my brother was right next to me but I did crack up at the part where he looks like he did that penguin flap :lol:
    When I got out I was actually a little upset, not at the movie, the movie was AWESOME, it was just the lack of people at the theater and that no one was really excited or showed they were. I was the only one there to be representing him too.
    Yes and that made me sad for him. I know he wanted to be just treated like a normal human being but I mean it was hard. He had that special aura about him that just made you go crazy. Honestly just looking at picture of him I get all tingly and start giggling. I can't even look into his eyes in pictures, I just lose it! :lol:
    OMG! I would want to scream at first but than I would keep my mouth shut so I could just stare at him. :wub:
    That might creep him out seeing someone staring at him ... wait no it wouldn't! He had that every day! Especially while he was on stage.
    :lol: I always laugh at that bit! Private Home videos was on TV last night and I cracked up watching it. I presume the car had blacked out windows though so people would never know he was in there. Can you imagine being in a boring traffic jam, looking over and seeing MJ dancing in the back of the car!
    Aw :better:
    Yeah I cried too during the R-Kelly tribute. I couldn't stop laughing that he showed that video of Michael dancing in the car :laugh: I LOVE watching that. I wonder how he was actually able to be in a car, dancing, and not have crowds of people recognize him and come try and see him :lol:
    It's still awesome!
    I didn't create either of my two siggys either :p I think it's the thought put in the siggy that branches off to those who see it that counts though.;)
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